WPA | Prepping for the Month Before


The month before your wedding is full of anticipation, excitement, and often a list of final to-do’s. I am here today with the first installment of the wedding planning advice column to advocate for two important features of your future planning process. These elements of the planning process are based on personal experience – specifically my own wedding – which could have helped to prevent a trip to the urgent care on J & my’s honeymoon…

The month before my wedding was a blur – full of late nights pulling together the final details and crossing off important to-dos. As is common with most milestones, our lives in general were quite busy the month before the wedding and despite the 2 year engagement, we had quite a few to-do’s left at the very end. It was the final whirlwind of a week before the wedding that truly did me in. Despite family members encouraging us to let the final details go, they were part of our vision and we were determined to include as many of them as we could. And because of this final push, I ended up completely run down and in a Hawaiian urgent care with a massive ear infection.

For this reason, the advice I always give to all newly engaged friends and family is to make every effort to get all wedding related tasks accomplished at least two weeks  before your wedding. You should be enjoying the final weeks as a engaged couple rather than staying up late putting together signage or working through the finishing touches on your programs. Leave the final two weeks as a opportunity for you to focus on looking forward to your upcoming wedding and maybe even taking the opportunity to go on a last few adventures before tying the knot.

In order to meet this deadline, I would suggest starting with your wedding date and working backwards as you schedule out your deadlines. In order to give your planning a true buffer aim to have all tasks completed one month prior to your wedding – this will purposefully build in two weeks in order to account for unanticipated delays. In order to help ensure all your planning tasks are completed ahead of time, the assistance of a event planner can be invaluable – regardless of the capacity that he/she is providing assistance. Working with you to ensure you are able to meet this deadline, the wedding assistant can help to alleviate the last minute stress that ultimately detracts from the joy of the week. The event planner in these situations can be your sounding board. Not only can they help create a planning schedule from the beginning but can also ensure that you are able to stay on schedule and even pick up last minute tasks so that you are able to enjoy the last few weeks of your engagement. These are the moments you should be spending with family, friends, and your bridal party relaxing, enjoying some pampering, and making memories.

The take away | build a buffer into your event planning in order to ensure the weeks leading up to your wedding are stress free. This will create time for you to enjoy the final moments before your event with each other, family, friends, out of town guests, and your bridal party. It will also allow for much needed rest before the wedding and honeymoon. A planner can also be invaluable to ensuring that all tasks are accomplished well before their deadlines… Other essentials: vitamins to keep your immune system strong and to keep you out urgent care….


Image Credit :Hoffer Photography  || Florals: Tish Long  || Signage: Lily & Val  || Venue:  Overbrook Golf Club