WPA | Identifying Meaningful First Steps



The engagement is the start to many blissful months of piecing together your dream vendors and details that ultimately cumulate in a unforgettable weekend. Did you catch that – the start to months of blissful planning. There are four very important elements of the wedding planning process neatly captured in that statement. Let me elaborate…


Your planning process should be just that – blissful. It’s a time of preparation, a time to continue to grow as a couple, and yes, a time to fall even more in love with your soon to be spouse. Not only are you planning your wedding day – you also continuing to lay the foundation for a marriage – a foundation that will be called upon in the years to come.  That’s not to say there isn’t the chance for small moments of disagreement – however, for the most part the planning process can absolutely be joyful. I’d like to suggest a few small steps that can  set you on the path to months of peaceful planning…


A reminder I like to give couples is that you’ve got an important ingredient on your side at the start of your engagement –  time. Time gives you the ability to develop a planning strategy, to seek out a variety of vendors before nailing your vendor, and to mull things over. Crafting and piecing together your vision is something that with time can be and should be nurtured. The beauty of planning a wedding is watching it come to life over the months of planning. Its such a joy (and privilege) to watch a couple’s vision starts to unfold with each newly secured vendor becoming more and more of a reality with each passing month.


The start of your engagement is the perfect time sit together – (a perfect opportunity to make a memory) – and ask each other to describe the essential features of the weekend; to identify how you would describe the essence of your wedding; to determine as a couple what you would like your planning experience to be. Laying this foundation sets the tone for the rest of your planning. I ask all SDE couples similar questions when we begin the planning process  – it gives direction to the planning process and helps ensure effective communication.


Finally, keeping the first three elements in mind a purposeful plan can be developed. When drafting the roadmap for months of planning, I tell couples to think about their wedding day priorities. This helps to focus the planning process and allows the planning team to understand the vision, direction, and the key features of the day.

The Takeaway 

The start of an engagement is the perfect time to take a step back before diving into planning. Take some time to discuss your vision as couple, figure out your priorities, and remember time is on your side. Taking the time to have these conversations allows for a starting point upon which to build. By essentially creating a roadmap – featuring your identified priorities – you allow your planning team to have clear goals and direction. Blissful months of planning starts with a discussion and results in a planning process and wedding that are equally memorable.

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image (Hoffer Photography)