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Setting the tone for your wedding weekend, starts from the moment guests arrive. For some guests, this happens at your ceremony and for others when they arrive at the hotel. Regardless of which type of guests they are, the welcome is the perfect opportunity for you to express gratitude for their travels, to love on and pamper your guests and to generate excitement around what is to come. The welcome, therefore, has the ability to set the stage for what guests should expect from all the love, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into planning.

Today I’d like to focus on the out of town guests (but will certainly discuss how to make in town guests feel welcomed too in a future post). If you are planning a wedding with out of town guests and you want to make them feel loved in a big way from the moment they arrive – then keep reading for all the pretty little details…


Creating wedding – really any event – welcomes, has the ability to serve a variety of purposes and can take on many different forms. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you as a couple choose to welcome your guests. Lets break down this little detail:

The Introduction to What Is To Come

While wedding welcomes always serve as the introduction for out of town guests to your wedding weekend, some couples choose to create welcomes that incorporate pieces of the wedding theme. In this way, the welcomes can include little teasers of what is to come and leave guests looking forward to the weekend ahead. They can include creative hints of some of the highlights of the weekend, a small bottle of champagne, a shawl for late night events, a fun shaped candy etc. The perfect way to leave your guests wanting more and to create unity throughout your weekend by tying all wedding elements together.


The Welcome to the Area

These welcomes include elements that give your guests a flavor for the area by highlighting local favorites. Perhaps your wedding location is best known for its coffee, include a sample. Perhaps there is a great local brewery that can work with you to include samplers. Including fun illustrations – similar to the example above –  are another great way to highlight the area.

The Insight into Things We Love

These welcomes reflect the couple – as individuals and then also as a soon to be united whole. They include pieces that represent the individuals – favorite activities, local favorites from their respective hometowns, pieces of where they’ve traveled or elements of what helped them become who they are today – and then pieces that represent the couple – where their first home will be, favorite activities they love to do together…

Incorporating these elements helps guests get to know the individuals and couple – a perfect way to introduce your guests to who you are and the couple you’ve become.


The R&R Basket

These welcome gifts include items that seek to pamper your guests by encouraging rest and relaxation. Including items like a favorite bath salts, a small bottle of your favorite wine, a soothing scent, and a favorite scrub are certainly items that will encourage your guests to unwind. Let’s not forget about the gentlemen by including: a favorite after shave sample, a cologne sample, a sleeping mask (that can double for her!)

The Recovery Kit

After a night of dancing, this welcome gift ensures the guests are well taken care of. Including items like waters, gatorade, bandaids for blisters, a pain reliever, even a soft pretzel – are sure to help guests recover from a unforgettable evening. Perhaps a pair of fun sunglasses to help with tired eyes of course.


The creativity that can be poured into the development of the wedding welcome is endless and something that can absolutely include any combination of the variety described above. The descriptions above are only a small glimpse into how the welcome gifts can be put together. Despite the variety, the essence of the gift is the same regardless of the contents/or theme – the welcomes represent a outpouring of the couple’s gratitude, appreciation, and love for those coming to witness a promise and the perfect way to kick off any wedding weekend.

Looking to design the perfect welcome gift? Have some ideas but need help with execution? Short on time but would love to create the perfect welcome for your guests? Let’s chat – all introductory consultations are complimentary…

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