To craft a truly uncommon planning experience with couples, we infuse
our process with joy,  ensure every detail is carefully attended to, and are com-
mited to the belief that our greatest work is achieved through teamwork – with our cou-
ples, with their families, and with all the vendors who together bring a celebration to life.

We believe your planning experience should be uniquely yours. The skeleton of our planning process may be consistently comprehensive, strategic, and purposefully goal oriented but your planning needs, and your wedding specific details are the elements that help create an experience that is uncommonly yours. Our goal is to take your wedding day dreams and infuse them into a strategically comprehensive plan that tackles both the big and small wedding planning to dos.

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planning your wedding isn't as easy as pinterest makes it look

With an experienced Planning team, a strategic Approach, & A Little YSDE magic, we promise to take the guesswork out of planning! 

"Danielle came highly recommended to us and she was definitely the ABSOLUTE best decision we could have made throughout the whole wedding process... We were able to have so much fun and be carefree on our wedding day knowing that Danielle would help our day go without a hitch! We can’t say enough great things about Danielle and we highly, HIGHLY recommend her for both design work and day of coordination! BOOK HER NOW! You will love every moment of your wedding planning process. Danielle, we love you so much and cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and wonderful, creative vision!"

- Jennifer H.

"How do I begin to describe what a valuable asset Danielle and the YSDE team were to our wedding? Not only did Danielle help me create a beautifully designed and incredibly thoughtful, well-executed day, but she truly became a rock for me throughout the process. Any time I felt nervous or unsure, she was there to calm and reorient me. If I wanted to spend 10 hours talking tablecloths, she was ready and available with a book of fabric samples. Not only did Danielle feel like a friend to me, always so sweet and caring, but she is GOOD at her job and knowing she was there to help solve any problem that arose brought a sense of peace that is difficult to explain. I think above every other decision I made while wedding planning (aside from marrying my hubby), hiring Danielle was unquestionably the best choice I made."

- Casey S.

"Danielle made our wedding a dream come true. We truly cannot express how fantastic working with Danielle was from start to finish. From our very first meeting we could sense how passionate Danielle was about her work. One of the best decisions we made was selecting Danielle’s design package. It made the planning process organized and ENJOYABLE. Danielle helped culminate a vision that was not only unique and extremely beautiful but also representative of our relationship. She really listened to what we as a couple valued on our wedding day throughout the planning process, and that was something we greatly appreciated. Danielle absolutely accounted for every single detail and magically brought everything together the day of to make our wedding more beautiful than we could have ever imagined."

- Andrea S.

Shared Sentiments From Past Clients 

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our signature approach

to seamlessly plan your wedding from start to finish


This phase of your experience is centered around the exploration of your preferences, the identification of guiding elements (budget, guest list), and the start of building your vendor team 


In this phase you will continue to work on logistical planning elements, develop essential tools that will serve as the cornerstone for your guest experience, and will also continue to build out your vendor team. In this phase you will have laid the foundation of an intentionally thoughtful event weekend.


Our signature design process walks you through the creation of an event that reflects who you are, the experience you desire to create for your guests - all while using visuals, industry knowledge, and your unique event space to bring it to life.


After finalizing all the elements of your event design in the previous phase, you will begin to produce it using a guided step by step approach - ensuring no detail is left undone. This phase brings together both logistical and design planning elements. 


This phase ensures you stay ahead of tasks, helps you anticipate needs that are coming down the road, and provides you with the confidence to be sure nothing is left to the last minute.


Using our guidance, you will feel ready to enjoy every moment of your wedding week - a week with events that will fly by all too quickly!Our goal is for you, your bridal party, your families and your guests to have the time of your life by being fully present for each moment

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