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July 8, 2020

Your Story Matters

Over the past few months, we’ve been knee deep in the development of something we feel incredibly passionate about. Something we cannot wait to release. Something we believe will make a difference in the way couples walk through the event planning experience.

And while its not quite ready for its debut, we’ve been working on perfecting our message. Have written and re-written our approach. And committed to getting it just right (without letting perfectionism delay its release) so that it can truly provide value.

Today while working on the editing one of the modules in the program, we dug pretty deep into where event design and logistical event planning meet. You see these two facets of event planning are not synonymous. They rely on each other – intimately – but they are not the same thing. Each has its own set of approaches, strategies and roadmaps. For this reason we would like to suggest that they be tackled differently.

Let’s dive deeper into this.

Logistical and Design Planning

The logistical part of your event planning experiences is methodical. Its predictable. Its purposeful. It has a rhythmic cadence to it. One step leads to another as you naturally progress through the experience. It has a checklist of items you can rely on. What is often missing is the how to part (something we will be addressing in our program, stay tuned).

The design part of your event planning experience is deeper. It’s requires careful diligent attention. It accounts for the cohesion in a way that the logistical part cannot. It is where the heartbeat of the event resides. The space from which your story deliberately grows. It’s a slower process that requires – sometimes many iterations to get just right.

And while the design part of your event planning is still progressive – in that steps naturally start at point A and lead to point B – it requires a greater attention to detail. It makes use of inspiration and direction from a space isn’t always the most apparent.

But when you combine the result of the two – this is truly where the magic happens. Watching the logistical efforts enhance the design work – and vice versa – is something that as a team we’ve poured our hearts into making happen for our clients.

Your Story Matters

So where exactly does your story come in? Right here. Its the the intersection of the logistical with the design efforts. It resets in the reasoning for selecting your photographer. In the heart of your decision for a band over a DJ. In your color palette selection and in the experience you design from the ground up.

Your story matters to every part of your event planning experience because it is your story features that make the event – uniquely yours. Your decisions reflect your story. Your vendor team reflects your story. Your room layout reflects your story. Your seating chart design reflects your story.

Using your story is the best guide to ensure your event isn’t just something you snagged off of pinterest. Your story should be the catalyst for your event planning experience – ensuring that your event is an experience your guests have never seen before.

How To Make Decisions That Stem From Your Story

Still not sure how to use your story to guide your event planning – both the logistical and the design. Don’t worry we’ve got five ways to add your story – to get you started with brain storming on how to add your own:

  • Perhaps you met in college and have found memories of attending a local bar with a great cover band or DJ. Consider booking them for your event – adding this beautiful piece of your past to make your event sensational
  • Added a sweet furbaby to the family? Your signature cocktail can feature them as a way to include them in the big day!
  • A piece of your mother’s dress, your mother in laws dress, and your grandmother’s dress make the perfect additon to your bridal bouquet. Holding a piece of history as you start your next chapter.
  • Have a deep appreciation for art? Seek out a photographer that specializes in fine art photography ensuring that your images will have a special space in your home for years and years to come.
  • Inspired by a place you’ve traveled? Loved the food? Love the fragrance of the roadside gardens? Inspired by the architecture? The markets? The colors? Use this as inspiration to build the foundation of your design.

I hope you feel inspired to dig deep into your story and use its highlights to truly make your event reflect you. And feel confident that you can incorporate elements of your story in both your logistical and design planning.

Interested in more tips like this? Be sure to join our Facebook group – word on the street is that there is a special discount coming for members only when our program launches on August 5th.

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