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January 1, 2021

Goals | January 2021

A Look Back

This year January 1st feels different – not because we woke up today and the world was magically healed from everything we’ve experienced in 2020. In fact that is quite opposite. Sadly, our case numbers continue to rise here in the US, our political climate is still in turmoil, and the social justice work we have to do is extensive.

Today feels different because of 2020. Our lives have been radically transformed. In fact, when I look back to Jan 1 2020, it is almost unrecognizable. That life seems like almost a lifetime ago. There is much of that pre-covid life I wish was still here but much that I do not.

2020 had its hardships. We missed family. We missed our cherished traditions in the way we’ve always known them. And yes, some days it felt as if we were robbed of time as it continued to move forward. But we also were gifted with much in 2020.

We were stretched, challenged, and had to adapt to life in a totally different way. All for what feels like a reason that extends beyond just public health. With the arrival of a new year, I am grateful for last year’s lessons and eager to take on 2021 with fresh but enlightened perspective.

Lessons that allow us to look forward

So here we are January 01 2021. With 365 days ahead of us – even if uncertainty still remains. Today we can choose to make this year exactly what we desire it to be.

Last year, I simply survived. With so many hard decisions – both personally and professionally, I quickly accepted that much was outside of my control. At some point last fall, however, I felt compelled to make 2021 different. To work differently. To dream differently. To grow differently. To enjoy life differently.

In October I started to work on reflecting on what worked in 2020 and what didn’t. I tested out routines and evaluated some new rhythms. I looked over my goals for last year and created revised goals for this year. This has ignited a desire to do things differently – not better just differently this year.

So here are my goals for the year ahead – broken into categories that will help with accountability and progress in the months to come.


Through reading. Through listening. About things to love. About things that need to be understood. About things that inspire. About growing – personally, professionally, and spiritually.

This year I hope to read/listen to 12-24 books – books that inspire, business books, books for fun. Reading will help shape my days – as part of newly established morning routines and evening routines.

After months of quarantine, we’ve quickly learned that routines help define the days, weeks, and months. Giving a rhythm to our days helps set and establish expectations for both our work and our time with the kids. It also helps to ensure we are accomplishing what we hope to for any given day.


Personally – through the learn goal above. Professionally – through new products, new services, new team members, and the heartfelt pursuit of some big bold dreams.

This quarter we are focusing on building a community. Finishing two products and working the continuation of a business routine that helps bring order to each day and each week. One that has helped move the needle forward in bigger ways than anything in the past.

I have spent the past few weeks working to get ahead. It hasn’t been perfect but in some areas I have found that the work I did last month has set me up for a little more breathing room in the month ahead. I am eager to continue working in this way – something that takes a little more planning on the front end but something I am hopeful will pay dividends when we look back one year from today.


This is a big one. It can be easy to be swept away by work – especially with quarantine still very much part of our everyday life. But with the routines we are working on, it is my hope that the boundaries they define will help keep the days focused and intentional. So that the pendulum of work + life can feel more life-giving. This is something I plan to touch on with my DanieJco community in great detail in the year ahead.

This quarter we are focusing on practicing the rhythms and routines that align with the grow and learn goals. Ones that will help to allow for not a perfect 50/50 split between work and life but rather alignment. Alignment that allows for flexibility but also deadlines. I look forward to exploring how rhythms and routines can really breath life into our family, our home, and my business this year.


2020 limited our ability to adventure in ways we were use to. But it also made it abundantly clear that adventure is by design. It takes effort, planning, and forethought. This year I hope to find time to plan more adventures as a family – even local simple ones. I know there will be some limitations in our ability to do this – especially in the first quarter. But simple home adventures – like scavenger hunts on walks or make believe ones with the kids feel important and impactful for our family.

Eager to see where this can take us this year.

Here is to making progress little by little in 2021

And for all of you on a similar journey to learn, grow, balance, and adventure in the new year – I’d love to be cheerleader or support for you. Drop your 2021 dreams or goal blogpost below so I can take a read! Building community is something I

Happy New Year! If 2020 taught us anything its that we are resilient and with resiliency comes a never give up mentality.

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