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March 30, 2021

A Case Example of Anticipatory Event Planning | Stationary Timelines & Modern Wedding Invitations

this post is sponsored by Basic Invite; all planning strategy is my own

In order to create a truly cohesive event – we encourage our event design clients and our Modern Wedding Planner couples to reframe their planning approach. We teach and guide our clients through a planning process that seeks to be anticipatory versus reactionary and one of the best ways to do this is with the knowledge of what is to come. 

Anticipating planning decisions and design facets empowers you with the ability to make value based decisions that are both work together cohesively and help bring to life the wedding you dream of. 

While there are a plethora of planning and design facets that can help you stay ahead in your planning experience, today we are going to briefly share the stationary elements you could consider for your event as a case study for how thinking ahead helps you plan more efficiently, feel less stressed, and create an event that is truly cohesive.

And this is just the start – we’ve filled  our Modern Wedding Planner resource with every anticipatory planing detail aimed to help couples quickly, efficiently, strategically, and beautifully plan their wedding!

We also will share with you how modern wedding invitations and services, like those provided by BasicInvite, can assist in your anticipating all your stationary event needs as well. Let’s dive in! 

Stationary Elements to Plan For

While you won’t need to have all your stationary elements selected in the first phases of our recommended planning approach, knowing what decisions are ahead can be helpful when making early selections for things like: font style, color selections, and mediums. 

Below you will find the first four stationary pieces you will encounter in the planning process. Planning whether you will coordinate these pieces with elements of your event design or will allow certain ones to stand alone – (ie. Save The Dates) – is an important decision to consider early in the event planning process. 

The first four stationary pieces are thought to set the tone for the event. They are your guests introduction to your wedding weekend. And the role they serve is multifacted, in that they provide information, set expectations, ensure guests have the weekend’s details on hand, and introduce the overall event design.

The First Four Stationary Pieces

  1. Save The Date 
    • Your guests first introduction to your wedding through tangible paper products
  2. Modern Wedding Invitations
    • Includes all the details guests will use to learn all about and plan for their participation in your event weekend 
  3. Rehearsal Dinner Suite
    • As the couple, you may or may not want this to coordinate or you can leave it up to whoever is hosting the rehearsal
      • Signs
      • Menu
      • Thank you
  4. Welcome Note
    • Your guests first introduction to your wedding weekend that provides details on when events are taking place, where they are taking place, transportation, and fun things to do (very similar to the items you include on your website – only a cliff notes version!)

Your Full Stationary Planning Guide

These stationary pieces, however do not stand alone. The remaining five are critical to creating a seamless, well functioning, beautiful, and thoughtful event. While the last five have mostly functional roles, it is equally important to consider how they fit into the overall event design and guest event experience.

Here is a quick reference of the all nine stationary elements you may consider adding to your event. Keep this guide handy as you move through the planning process.

Finally, if you are looking for beautiful modern wedding invitations – or event better (pun intended) a full event stationary suite that serves your event in both form and function, be sure to head to BasicInvite to learn how their process can help tell your love story.

From custom invites to a process that guides (with templates in a variety of styles) but encourages your own personal touch at every point (think unlimited color selections for finding that perfect dusty rose), BasicInvite can provide you with the ability to pull together each element found in our guide here.

So grab your guide today and start planning your wedding with this stress free approach – one that anticipates needs so that your event can truly become the one you’ve always dreamed of.  And then head to BasicInvite to learn more about tailored to you process and offerings!

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