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July 28, 2021

35 Questions to Ask A Potential Venue

Venue selection is an exciting part of the wedding planning process! It can also be overwhelming because there are so many questions to consider – location, availability, inclusions, venue style… and the list goes on & on!  When we work with our couples, we focus on eliminating those stressors and creating a venue selection process that’s smooth and seamless, while also being fun & exciting! 


To help you curb the anxiety when selecting your dream venue, we’ve put together 35 questions to ask a potential venue. Take this list to your site visit, and don’t be afraid of asking too many questions! This is definitely a case of “the more the merrier”. 😉 


  1. Does the venue have preferred or required vendors?If not, are there guidelines for selecting vendors?
  2. Is the venue exclusively yours? Or can they have multiple weddings on site in a day? 
  3. Does the venue assign you a venue manager as your point of contact? If yes, what are their roles/responsibilities? 
  4. Does the venue provide guidance on selecting a caterer? Is there an exclusive caterer? If not, do they have a list of preferred caterers? Do they have an onsite kitchen? How do caterers typically handle food service on site? 
  5. Does the venue provide alcohol or do couples source liquor elsewhere? If brought on site by couples, is there a corkage or service fee?
  6. Do you have a minimum guest number? If there is an exclusive caterer – is there a minimum food/beverage number?
  7. Are there price variances based on season, day of the week? (Friday/Saturday/Sunday; peak versus off peak)
  8. What is included in the total price? Does it include service charges, gratuity, cleaning fees? “++” on bill items = plus plus means you’ll be paying tax and gratuity on top of the listed cost. 
  9. What are their booking procedures and payment schedules?
  10. What is the deposit? Is it refundable? 
  11. What inclusions are part of the rental fee? (tables, chairs, bars, etc) 
  12. What additional fees could there be? (taxes, upgrades, etc) 
  13. What setup does the venue provide? Are there fees for any setup – flips, etc? 
  14. When can vendors arrive for setup? 
  15. What are the rental hours? (i.e event duration?) 
  16. Does the venue have a drop off time for your decor, alcohol, food, etc. 
  17. Are there restrictions you should be aware of (ie. no open flame, sparklers, etc)? If yes, do they have a written document that you can refer to that lists these?
  18. Is the venue handicap accessible?
  19. Is parking available? If yes, on-site? Will guests be charged for parking?
  20. What are their booking procedures and payment schedules?
  21. Is there sufficient power for entertainment? Are there restrictions when it comes to noise? 
  22. Does the venue require all items to be removed from location that evening? 
  23. What rain plan accommodations are there, if any? (important consideration here – are tents needed if there are no rain contingency plans – if yes that is an extra cost) 
  24. What is the cancellation policy? (especially in light of COVID!)
  25. What is the postponement policy? Are there any fees?
  26. What are your procedures for postponement? 
  27. What is your last day to make a change to your event booking?  
  28. Does the veue hae have liability insurance? 
  29. Are there insurance requirements for vendors?
  30. Do you have a liquor license? 
  31. Is there a bridal suite?
  32. What is your policy for on-site rehearsals? How much time is allotted? 
  33. Do you have an inventory of items that we can use for the event? Are there space heaters or umbrellas available for our use? 
  34. Do you have a sound system on site or is this something a vendor will need to provide?
  35. Will you provide sample floorplans or room layouts? Will you assist with this development? 


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