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August 4, 2021

Tips for Finding Your Ceremony Officiant

As you’re planning your wedding, you’re going to begin looking for a ceremony officiant and it’s important to select a ceremony officiant that you truly connect with. 


Some officiants have websites that you will be able to review first to get a good sense of the officiant prior to reaching out to set-up an interview. Others you will likely have to get in person – as the websites may not be a good reflection of who they actually are. 


We highly recommend taking time to interview a few and consider interviewing this vendor in person – perhaps over dinner or coffee. Their role is critical to your wedding day; you want the relationship to be genuine, intentional and have a true connection with them. Your officiant is responsible for bringing your ceremony vision to life, and leading you and your significant other through an intentional celebration. 


Here are some considerations to keep in mind when searching for your officiant

  • Personality – You want to be sure your officiant has a personality that aligns with your personality and one that reflects what you desire most for your ceremony. Do they make you laugh? Do they give compelling advice? Do they share a balance of wisdom? Are they a good listener? This is why we recommend meeting with them over dinner or coffee so you can fully understand who they are & how your personalities mesh (or don’t mesh). 
  • Knowledge of Ceremony Flow – When you meet with them, ask them about their previous ceremonies and the lengths they traditionally recommend. What are some parts of a Ceremony they feel are most important? Do they give you practical advice for keeping your ceremony flowing? Does it fit with your vision or feel too formal or too casual? 
  • Value for the Importance of This Aspect of Your Event – When meeting with them, try to get a sense for what their general opinion is of a Wedding Ceremony. Do they hold it sacred? Is it something to be rushed through? This will give you an indication of how they view this aspect of the event and the importance of their role. 
  • Willingness to Attend Your Rehearsal – Clarify if they are willing to attend the rehearsal (we recommend they be there if only to know what the flow will be for the next day). It helps lower the pressure on your coordinator or other vendors on the day of the event. Rather than having to run through  If they do not like to attend, ask them why. 
  • General Procedures For Drafting Ceremony  – What’s it going to be like working with them? Ask them about their overall process – things like how many meetings, can the meetings take place over the phone or in person, is premarital counseling available or required? You and your fiance need to understand the full scope of what working with the officiant will entail so there are no surprises or misunderstandings later on. 


Now that you know what to look for, the next step is finding that person! It might actually be easier than you think: 


  • Step One: do the best you can with your online research using the considerations we’ve outlined above
  • Step Two: ask your vendor team for recommendations – they will be an incredible research and will likely have favorites to send you! 
  • Step Three: narrow down your list and schedule some interviews 
  • Step Four: interview your top 2-3 officiant options 
  • Step Five: Review your initial notes, your interview notes, and follow your heart in making your final selection.


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