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October 20, 2021

What is Often Missing From A Couples Wedding Planning Process

We’ve heard from too many engaged couples that planning a wedding can feel like a second full time job.


  1. the time spent figuring out a new-to-you process
  2. to spending hours trying to identify exactly how to complete a task
  3. to the confusion caused by resources that give you conflicting or worse outdated advicewe totally get it! 


How in the world are you supposed to plan something – as meaningful as your wedding day – with confidence when there is so much uncertainty? 


But even more so, we believe that your time, your wedding day, your engagement, and your dollars spent are incredibly valuable! 


For these reasons, we believe you deserve a truly efficient and effective planning approach. One that gives you time to enjoy your life, your limited time as fiancés, and simultaneously the assurance that you are getting the job done.

An approach that doesn’t leave you wondering how on earth am I going to get this all done or worse – when is this going to be over? 


Your event planning experience deserves the very best and truthfully most couples often miss one – or more – of four essential components/resources when they start their planning. Typically spending hours googling or pinteresting, buying books or magazines, reading countless wedding blogs and then trying to piece it all together – crossing their fingers and hoping they get it right. 


So what is actually missing with this piece-it-together approach? Four essential features of a the planning process: 


  1. A Straightforward/Easy To Follow Roadmap – that gives you the exact steps to take you so you can go from engaged to married – as efficiently and effectively as possible. 
  2. How To Guides – to help save you time by giving you the who, the what, the how, the where, and the when. 
  3. A system of ready to use tools – so you have what you need when you need it and don’t have to guess at how to create it 
  4. Support – to ask questions when things get uncertain 


And when you pair these with some wedding planning strategy – that is expert planning advice that is reflective of today’s planning landscape – your event planning experience will start to feel as if you have an event planner walking through the process with you every step of the way. 

A wedding planning experience that is guided and supported by these elements promises to be: 

  • Streamlined – no fluff just the right amount of tasks, how to, and guidance to get the job done
  • Anticipatory – helps you to think ahead so that when you are presented with a decision deadline you are ready to make a truly valued aligned decision 
  • Progressive – decisions time points are presented so that they build upon each other and help inform what is coming next or down the road 
  • Goal oriented – so that each phase or the process has a milestone to shoot for. 

And most importantly saves you time, stress, uncertainty, and money! 

But if your budget doesn’t allow for a wedding planner – how are you going to make this happen? 

We’ve built a revolutionary planning resource that allows you to confidently walk through the planning process with all the tools, guides, education, and support you need to plan your wedding with the assurance that you will have all the big and small planning details covered! 

Eager to learn more? We’ve got a FREE video training to share with you! Watch one of our wedding planning lessons to see if The Modern Wedding Planner is a great fit for you! Click here to see it now!  

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