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December 22, 2021

Why You Need A Wedding Planning Toolkit

Wedding Planning Toolkit

It can be tempting to dive into the wedding planning process and piece it together with a little of this and a little of that as you go along. After all, with the world of Pinterest and Google – it can be easy to find free resources. 

But these resources often only tell partial stories – giving you some advice without sharing the full picture. 

You see, your wedding planning toolkit should be complete before you get started because the decisions you make, when you make them, and the deadlines they have are critical to the success of your wedding. 

Piecing together your wedding planning often misses the multifaceted nature of wedding planning itself – leaving you frustrated, ensuring things will be missing, and often resulting in money wasted. 

Today I am sharing my top three reasons why it’s important to follow a guide/have a roadmap/have a plan when it comes to planning your wedding so you can avoid the overwhelm, frustration, wasted time and money and ensure your wedding planning process has everything it needs to be successful! 

Let’s dive in: 

No. 1 | The Number of Decisions Needed Matters 

It may seem like a simple undertaking when you first get engaged – book your venue and book your vendors and you are basically done. But unfortunately, there are so many other important big and small decisions that are needed to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. 

Having a well organized roadmap to follow ensures that you are informed of every decision you need at exactly the right time

What do I mean by this? 

Very simply there is a strategy for what decisions are absolutely necessary to plan a successful event. There is also a strategy for when certain decisions should be made, when partial decisions are made and then reserved for later, and when there are deadlines for those decisions. 

The number of decisions needed and their associated deadlines are critical to saving you time, saving you money, and saving you stress. 

Let’s take ordering your wedding and bridesmaids dresses for example – there is a deadline to when you realistically place the order for your dress without having to worry about it not arriving on time. Same for the bridesmaids dresses. 

Another example is your wedding invitations – there are a number of decisions that should be made before you design and order your invitations and a deadline to when the order should be placed. This is due to the downstream work that is needed following the actually ordering of the invitations. 

A great wedding planning tool or industry expert will empower you with exactly what and how decisions are needed to help successfully plan your wedding. 

No. 2 | The Sequence of Decisions Matters

When you are planning a wedding – the relationship between decisions matters just as much as the decisions themselves. Having a roadmap that can guide when and why specific decisions are needed is absolutely critical to the success of the final event. 

This is why we believe that the sequence or order in which you make decisions matters immensely. It helps to organize and bring order to the event planning process and empowers you with decisions that naturally lead and inform the next.

This is often missed when piecing together a wedding planning approach because the strategy behind the order of decisions isn’t something that a checklist pulled from google can provide. 

Your wedding planning process deserves tools that elaborate on why this decision is being made now part of the process. Helping you to understand how the deadline of one decision informs the work of the next.  


No. 3 | The Pacing of Decisions Matters

Finally a well paced wedding planning process promises to be less stressful than one that is full of last minute oh-my-goodness-I-forgot-this-important-thing decisions. 

We hear this happen to couples often – they are the ones that have said wedding planning is stressful. 

Because when you don’t know what decisions are needed, why they are needed then, and when your deadlines are, you are likely to be reacting to what is happening versus anticipating what is ahead. 

The pace of the decisions is something that helps ensure you aren’t overwhelming your life with wedding planning. It creates balance and gives intention to your time spent planning. It also helps to ensure that you are making decisions exactly when they are needed – not too early and certainly not too late. 

Where Can You Find Your Complete Planning Toolkit 

It can be tempting to dive into wedding planning and try to piece it together as you go along but I can promise you that having a complete roadmap from the start will save you and your wedding time, money, stress, mistakes, overwhelm, and frustration. 

Planning a wedding? Uncertain about what decisions you need to make or when? Tired of hours spent googling only to feel as if you are piecing together your wedding planning approach? We have the perfect resource for you! 

Grab your free Getting Started With Wedding Planning Guide Here – full of what steps to take first, our expert advice on how to complete them, and our roadmap of what tasks to focus on when – our free gift to you! 

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