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November 2, 2022

The Secret To Successful Wedding Planning

It may seem straightforward. You get engaged and then grab a checklist from google, pinterest or wedding blog. 

You start researching venues. You tour your favorites. Maybe you even schedule some consultations with vendors. Heck you may even book a few. 

But then the questions start to roll in.

  • What’s your timeline for the day?  
  • What colors have you selected?
  • What does your dream floor plan look like?
  • Have you thought about where you think your guests will stay? 
  • If yes, how many rooms will you need before the wedding and on the night of? 

At some point you start to get that gut feeling – I must be missing something. Am I supposed to know all these answers already? 

The short answer is it depends. It depends on the roadmap you are using to get you from engaged to married. 

Without one, you’re simply building a house in the dark. 

  • Guessing at what to do first. 
  • Worried you are missing out. 
  • Making decisions out of fear of losing out. 

Instead of planning from a place of peace. From a place of thoughtful intention. From a place of informed decisional power. 

Your wedding shouldn’t be something you just wing. Because it is too much of a time and financial investment. 

A good roadmap –

  • Identifies where you are 
  • Equips you with the tools & information to make powerful informed decisions
  • Empowers you with anticipatory guidance
  • So you can always be ready for what comes next 

A good roadmap is proactive not reactive. 

It’s adaptable & customizable. 

Its simple & streamlined. 

Its comprehensive and strategic. 

And it truly leaves no detail undone without all the fluff & unnecessary stuff. 

So maybe you are asking yourself – where can I find something like this? 

Well my friends, here at Your Sweetest Day Events we have designed an approach to wedding planning that when followed and trusted allows for the process to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. 

The YSDE roadmap involves 6 simple phases – complete with enough information to help you get the job done but without all the overwhelm. It is designed to keep you ahead of the planning curve and is flexible enough to allow for life to happen. 

Because let’s be honest – life always happens. 

But purposeful planning – when followed & trusted – is the most reliable resource when it comes to planning your wedding. 


Very simply – a purposeful plan is the reassurance that you need to know where you are, where you need to go, and how to effectively (from a cost & time perspective) get there. 

So how can you set your wedding planning up for success? Here are 5 steps you can take today: 

  1. Step One: Create a wedding planning email address & use it for only wedding related planning
  2. Step Two: Select a few days a week – preferably one evening during the week and one day on the weekend at least – to work on wedding planning 
  3. Step Three: Identify the organizational tools you will use. Examples are:
    1. A calendar 
    2. Filing system
    3. Notebook
  4. Step Four: Identify the tool you will use as your roadmap to help guide you through each step of the planning process.
  5. Step Five: Develop & adopt a system to keep track of what tasks you have completed, what needs to come next and pull out the important details you will need at a later date. 

When you have a comprehensive roadmap {or a wedding planner} that guides each step of your planning, you can feel confident that you’ve got every detail accounted for. The roadmap identifies the essential facets of planning:

  1. What planning decision to focus on 
  2. When to focus on the planning task 
  3. What is needed to make the decision 
  4. How to effectively anticipate what comes next 

This type of approach to wedding planning allows you to proactively move your planning forward. You are able to anticipate how your decisions today will impact your decisions tomorrow. And most importantly you are able to see when a critical decision is needed so that you have the foundation for the decisions that will come next. 

Want to dive deeper into the five planning steps above? Grab your Getting Started With Wedding Planning Guide Here – full of what steps to take first, our expert advice on how to complete them, and our roadmap of what tasks to focus on when – our gift to you! 

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