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September 4, 2018

Hello September

Last weekend while on a family walk we made a very impromptu decision to turn our quick leisurely morning stroll into a 4 mile walk through the countryside – with our dog, toddler, and flipflops in toe. It wasn’t calculated, the weather was crisp and cool, and nothing sounded better in that moment than time together. So we started walking and never looked back. Jeremy and I walked and chatted, watched as the hills rolled softly through the yet-to-be-harvested fields, and counted the horse and buggies that trotted by bursting at the seams with the very same essence of togetherness.

It is moments like these that I am reminded why fall beckons ever so recklessly on my heart. It’s those long off memories of crisp mornings waiting for the school bus, the sound the cool breeze makes as it travels through open windows, and the joyfulness of family gathered for that perfect evening meal – you know the one that has been slowly cooking throughout the day – the one with the sweet aroma that fills the house with feelings of comfort and security. Yes these are those sweet simple pleasures that only fall knows how to stir within my heart. Summer has a way of conjuring up our adventurous spirits but fall – it calls us to be still, present, and listen closely – because change is coming (both seasonally, personally, and for YSDE as a business).

Today at noon, I will be sharing with my YSDE insiders 6 big upcoming announcements planned for the months ahead and 3 dreams that are currently in development with hopes of becoming reality very soon. If you want to be the first to know all about the fun and exciting new offerings that will be coming soon then join here to get in the know. My insiders also will be receiving early bird access to when these become available and maybe even a discount or two!

So whats planned for the month ahead? Well read on to find out some of the special features we have planned this month:

  • Not one but two real weddings are being shared this month from the sweetest past clients – the first is going live this week (be sure to hop on back here on Thursday for all the details from this beautiful September Excelsior wedding – there’s a fun surprise in this one as well!)
  • Finally sharing the details of a gorgeous editorial we produced in February – all as a segway to our next big editorial for the Caroline Logan Workshop (Sunday 9/23 – with plans to share details as they start to arrive)
  • The journal will also feature quite a few design related posts that are geared both towards couples and also aspiring event designers (there may or may not be a few planned freebies as well!)
  • We are bringing back instagram lives on select Fridays at noon – to chat with you about all things weddings! Think of it like a mid-day break with content spanning from happenings, to tips, to recent great books! If there are any specific questions you have or topics you would like me to cover, leave them in the comments below and I will incorporate them into my schedule. Our two lives for September are planned for the 14th and 21st at noon!
  • We have a beautiful event this weekend here in our hometown so stay tuned for some behind the scenes peeks as we pull together all the details of this event.
  • And the first of our 6 big announcements is coming this Friday. A little hint: if you have dreamed about being part of the wedding the industry and helping to execute an event you won’t want to miss our announcement on Instagram this week!

Just a few of the things we have planned for the month ahead. Looking forward to welcoming cooler temps, crisp fall days, and prepping for all our fall events in the months ahead. There truly is nothing like the call to slow down and enjoy the present season and what a beautiful reminder fall can be to embrace present while looking forward to the change ahead. Enjoy sweet friends and be sure to make your way over here on Thursday!

top image via: Jaimee Morse Photography 

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