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September 20, 2018

A Sophisticated Southern Soirée | The Heart Behind Editorial Work

Today I thought I would peel back the curtain on how I approach design work/the design process before sharing with you an editorial we produced for the Caroline Logan Workshop this past spring. It goes without saying, however, that a vision is just a vision without the collaborative efforts of a dream vendor team. The magic truly happens with vendors – with their own respective time, creative vision, and talent – jump on board and work alongside you to make the vision come to life.

For me, design work – whether it be client based or editorial – begins with a few key ingredients:

  1. A clear mind (which sometimes necessitates a clean working space and a clear inbox)
  2. The right atmosphere (a quiet – free from distraction space, maybe a candle and my favorite Pandora station)
  3. The overarching theme inspiration (this can be a picture, a feeling, a memory, a simple story.

The goal is to have something that grounds the design and ties all the elements together) From here, I start with the development of a mood board – which is often a collection of 3-4 images. The mood board is most often used for myself during the design process and its purpose is derived from the need to ground/focus what is being planned. The simplicity of the mood board also helps keep the vision focused. This is particularly important in our inspiration saturated world. An over stylized event feels forced. Forgetting details feel unfinished. Its about finding that sweet spot, that happy medium.

From the mood board I move the design work into a private pinterest board that touches on design elements for the various aspects of the event/editorial. The inspiration for these elements are sourced from discussions I’ve had with clients, from responses to a comprehensive design questionnaire and from images clients have shared that speak to the aesthetic they envision their event encompassing. This process includes iterations and edits in order to ensure there is a cohesiveness to all the touchpoints guests can experience. Being able to draw in elements that tell a story, that evoke a certain feel, and that are aesthetically beautiful are all features I strive to incorporate.

Today I thought I would share with you the story (albeit fictitious) that inspired the editorial shoot for the spring 2018 Caroline Logan Workshop in an effort to showcase how the preparatory work above translate into reality. Enjoy sweet friends – my hope is that you feel the heart behind the work when you explore the images.

This editorial shoot was inspired by the hospitality, charm, and authenticity of southern culture. With soft muted peach and ivory and the perfect sprinkling of dusty french blue, the shoot featured a real life couple, the sweetest ceremony space, a perfectly heartfelt head table, a dessert display that aims to be equally parts beautiful as it is enticing, and all the life giving details that promise to inspire brides and grooms with ways they can use their story to make their wedding different from all the rest. I’d like to invite you into the heart and story that inspired this beautiful southern celebration.

From the organically gathered florals to the sweet magnolia on the envelope insert, the heartbeat of this shoot resides in the story of a sweet couple who had dreamed of being married on their families estate since they first met in high school.  As a sweet surprise for his bride to be, the groom and his father hand crafted the head table out of reclaimed wood from his grandfather’s barn – a statement piece on the day of their wedding that would later find its place in their first home. As a couple, the bride and groom had always known they would feature the sweet bride’s grandmother’s meticulously selected china and glassware adding that sweet southern charm. In an effort to include they’re favorite line of encouragement, this couple had dreamed of a ceremony space with fresh florals from their families floral farm and a sweet reminder that love is the sweetest gift of all. The dessert station features an assortment of recipes passed down from generations within the couples families in an effort to share with guests the heart of their families tradition in the most delicious way possible. The bride’s gown included elements of something old and something new with a fresh modern top joined with the skirt of her mother’s dress.
For this southern inspired editorial shoot, I sought to gather a team of talented vendors in an effort to provide brides and grooms with approachable family centered inspiration. The goal was to help showcase how to infuse elements of a couples past, present and future in a way that tells their authentic love story and creates an experience for guests that builds from one event element to the next. As a planner, I wear many hats – I am a encourager, navigator, teacher, friend, dreamer, doer, but the heart of what we do resides in the joy in helping couples bring to life celebrations that fill a room with the unforgettable – unforgettable moments, memories, experiences – moments that ultimately take their and their guests breath away. At the heart of all this is the simplicity of elevated elements that when brought together create an experience of a lifetime and simultaneously tell a story – this is were the magic lies.
Thank you for reading along friends – I am so grateful to those who stop by this space and share in my joy, excitement, my heart for helping creating beautifully heartfelt celebrations and desire to add a little beauty to the world!
Photography & Workshop | @carolineloganphoto ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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