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March 11, 2020

Three Areas To Focus On When Designing Your Event

Event Design | A Pivotal Phase In Event Planning

As an event designer, I am often asked what areas of your event design have big impact. Event design is a truly unique experience. It is also some what of an elusive process – one that we would like to argue isn’t well defined apart from the traditional wedding planning to do’s. But for our company – the design process is a critical phase in our phased approach to event planning. One we would like to argue needs to be appropriately timed and executed. And one that we believe can be affordable and approachable for all couples

We believe event design should be defined by the couple. Crafted for/by/with the couple. Reflective of their dreams, seasonality, and location. And yet without the assistance of an event designer the designing process – and yes we believe theres is a method to great event design – has the potential to face uncertainty, stress, frustration, and excess dollars spent (a post in an of itself).

The Role of An Event Designer

For these reasons an event designer can radically enhance your event planning experience and transform your event. An event designer’s role includes walking with you as your guide to the process, providing recommendations, and working with you to create something that has never been seen before.

Seeking out the guidance from an event designer can empower you with unique insight – even the best online checklist’s can’t offer. So what exactly is an event designer? An event designer works with you to hone in on your overall aesthetic, identify subtle ways to infuse your event with your story, ensure the final design aligns with four essential elements, and help you produce it – strategically.

An event designer helps you walk through the design development, production, and execution phases of event planning – guiding you through decisions that ultimately lead you to a day that represents you and the experience you are seeking for your guests.

And when you weave story telling into the heartbeat of your design – you’ve found the sweet spot. A sweet spot that as a company we love to help our couples identify, design around, and then produce into once in a life time experiences.

Our Top Three Event Design Recommendations | That You Can Implement Today

Today I thought I would share a commonly asked question – what design elements allow for the opportunity to make a big impact – an impact that helps a couple balance budget, aesthetics, and function.

Here are my top three recommendations:

Head Table Design Example

One. Invest In The Design Of Your Sweetheart or Head Table

Not only does this table designate a space as the central focus point, it is the space that will likely be photographed the most at dinner. You will likely be seated here for speeches, dancing in front of it for your first dance, and sharing your first meal as husband and wife. So investing design efforts and dollars here is 100% worth it! For both the present day experience and all photos in the years to come.

Two. Focus On High Traffic Areas

Selecting areas that guests will travel through, into or around multiple times as spaces that deserve design attention is always a good idea. These areas are seen over and over again throughout the event. And a bonus if you can find small ways to transform the space through out the event. For example – a welcome table can be transformed into favor table or a grab a drink on the way to dinner table – repurposing all the hard work you’ve poured into the design and enhancing guest experience.

Head Table Design Example and example of grouping in odd numbers

Three. Use Odd Numbers to Help With Groupings

When considering quantities for things that pictures, candles, arrangements, etc – groupings in odd numbers are most visually appealing. And including some negative space in between elements allows space and time for your eyes to take in all the beautiful work you’ve poured into the design. Use this recommendation when planning candles for tables, pictures for your photo tables, and arrangements throughout the space.


Your Sweestest Day Events Team

Looking for more design and planning tips and advice? We’ve got recommendations for three more design areas that have big impact over in our Private Facebook Group!

Head over to our private facebook group – a space where we share resources, planning advice, and all the latest and greatest at YSDE – for three more design recommendations!! Plus tons of other resources all week long!

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