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May 1, 2020

May Goals

I had hoped to kick off the year with a 2020 goals post but the early part of the year (January and February) were busy with early events and then well the pandemic hit. But something about the month of May feels like a nice fresh start and so here we are with both yearly and then more specific monthly goals. I’ve always loved and felt encouraged by goal setting so I hope a glimpse into my dreams for the month ahead gives you the encouragement to continue to work towards yours.

In regards to the year as a whole, I choose the word Discovery as a guide. And truthfully, what a blessing to have selected this as my focus.  To this day Рthis word still brings hope for the year ahead. 2020 will still be year that I focus on deeper connection, efficiency, and seek out opportunities to refine and truly discover.

This word is full of meaning and is honestly what I love about it. For me and this year, discovery will be about a return to slow and simple. It’s about more learning and garnering appreciation for things that bring true joy. Things like banana bread on the weekends. Hard work in the garden. One more story with my kids. A beautifully well executed design – because it reflects my couple. A well told story. Lifting up other mothers whose business are on the cusp of flourishing and helping them to recognize their success story has been there all along.

Its about a return to purpose and passion. Alignment. Consistency. Lessons. Failure.

Its about asking for help. Its about trust. It’s about a journey. And even amidst our current situation, this year will be about success for the shear fact that its not the monetary gains but rather about the journey of learning and the experiences gathered a long the way. This year – for most – will be about pivoting, doubling down on those dreams, and seeking out the sweet spot where more and less coexist.

So thank you 2020 for showing me early how even in the middle of a pandemic – there is hope in the journey.

For May – I am choosing to focus on four specific areas. I’ve made these goals simple, specific, and life-giving.

Rhythms and Routines

I’ve been working on a return to waking up before the kids and its been wonderful. I’ve been able to do a quick email check, social media, and even write before hopping on the Peloton for a ride – all before the kids are up for the day. And it has been wonderful.

So this month I plan to focus on the evening part of this routine by adding 30 minutes of reading instead of TV and lights out earlier to allow for feeling more rested when the day starts. I also will be working on maintaining consistency with my workouts – here is what I am working towards: 3-4 days of running, 3-4 days of the Peloton, completing the May Peloton challenges, and adding in strength training. I’ve noticed a significant difference in the days that lead with workouts – so my goal will be to kick these off first thing.


This is a business focused area for the month ahead. I’ve started using a new system for planning out the week. It was incredibly helpful this past week. I plan to use it moving over the next few weeks to evaluate its impact but overall I’ve found that as I have refined my systems, added predictability to my days (even with two little kids at my feet), and implemented a flexible routine – I’ve truthfully never felt more accomplished.

I am by no means suggesting that I get everything done, everyday or even as quickly as I would like. There just isn’t enough time in the day. Even with my best efforts to get up early and adding some nighttime work hours. But this new normal has demonstrated areas that needed/still need refinement, and that my previous hustle mentality wasn’t serving me well.

I hope to continue to refine how I spend my time in order to allow for current work to be streamlined without sacrificing quality while also making room to grow. I’d love to bring you all on this journey this month and to cheer you on in yours as well.

Simple and Slow

With a few big projects, postponements, 2021 design and planning work – I am determined to add 1-2 simple and slow things to each day. Things like outdoor walks, smores, gardening with the Addie, cooking a delicious homemade meal, enjoying as much time outdoors as possible, reading, listening, laughing, connecting. Today more than ever, I’ve come to realize that these are the things that make us feel alive. Things I lost touch with during incredibly busy seasons of my life.

This year is about discovering how these two can coexist – in ways that are healthy, fruitful, and somewhat balanced.

Future Thinking

I’ve been working on this simple but loaded facet of my life for a while. For me is about a deep desire to balance the present with being visionary. Its about being content with today so that you don’t miss a moment. While simultaneously working towards your tomorrow needs. See loaded.

I want to unpack this – this year. I know I won’t do this perfectly but I’ve never given myself the opportunity to seek how these two important areas of our life can live together.

I have three big dreams I am working on this month – one I hope to share with the world next week, one I will sneak peek this month, and other that is in full on production mode. These are my future thinking facets – planning for what lies ahead. My simple and slow goals will help me stay grounded.

Thursdays and Fridays have started to become my future thinking days. And I’ve enjoyed planning my weeks this way. It allows for the front part of my week to be focused on client work and the later part of the week to be project based. Some days the two blend into eachother – especially this week with more postponements taking place but I am looking forward to seeing how this balance plays out in the month ahead.

So here is to the next 31 days! If you have a post featuring your goals, would you link it below in the comments I’d love to hop over, take a read, and cheer you on in the month ahead! Happy May dear friends!

Second image by lovely and talented Lindsey Ford Photography 

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