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April 28, 2020

Leading With Values

Leading with values

When asked what your business’ core values are, would you be able to simply speak to the heart of what defines your work? Better yet, would you be able to describe the feelings your brand evokes. Believe it or not – leading with values applies to both running your business and designing your wedding.

Let me show you what I mean.

Bob Iger, previous CEO of Disney, commented that businesses today are tasked with something more than just developing the know, like, and trust factor. Businesses today – and I would like to argue here events – have about 15 seconds to create a chemical reaction.

15 seconds to create a feeling

Whew – talk about pressure.

But brands that are able to do this – they are onto something here. Using this chemical reaction as way to create a deep connection with their potential customers and transform them into loyal followers. Brands like Magnolia.

By creating a series of experiences with potential clients you are able to bring your potential clients on a journey. Using stories, you harness the ability to appeal to a sense, a memory, a transformation, a journey. And for the most part its done with authenticity – in that the values that define what we think of when we talk about the Magnolia or Disney speak to the heart.

Now more than ever – we are tasked with using our imagery, words, and story to create. But it shouldn’t stop there. Bring your potential customers, your wedding guests on your journey. Take them with you. Give them a glimpse into the good and the hard. The successes and the failures. Your journey and its lessons are worthy. Relatable.

How to Get Started | Lead With Your Values

So where do you start? Simply – with the values that define the heart of your business. The words you use to describe your event. These are what establishes the foundation from which to grow your story.

Values help ground your decision making, your messaging, and align the heart of what you do with why you do it. Descriptive words help to guide the design work in a way that ensures that an experience is created and not just something beautiful.

Today I shared with the DanieJco newsletter community a simple way to dig into what values define your business.  Later this week I am highlighting on the words simple and sweet can create an experience of connection.

Next week I will be sharing with the DanieJco newsletter community how to ground your story and messages in the words that define the experience you want to create. Be sure to stick around for all the fun.


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