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December 20, 2020

The Complete Wedding Checklist

Congratulations! You’re newly engaged and can’t wait to get started with planning your wedding – your dream wedding!

So you head to Pinterest, The Knot, Martha Stewart and search “wedding checklist” – a seemingly good place to start.

And the results – well there are millions of checklists. You start to click on a few and notice something terrible.

They Are. All. Different.

This is a problem. A big problem.

Maybe you find yourself asking, “how am I supposed to know which one to use?” “which one is correct?” “how can they all recommend different things” “how do I find a reliable checklist”?

Benefits of A Reliable Resource

Today we want to help.

A comprehensive resource is the system of planning tools you plan to use to walk with you every step of the way guiding you through each wedding planning task. These will help you to know:

  • What tasks you need to plan your wedding 
  • When to complete the tasks by
  • Why specific tasks are important – both the task and the deadline
  • How to accomplish the task – the operationalization of a task

Where The Wedding Checklist Falls Short

Newly engaged couples traditionally struggle with finding a resource that checks off all of the elements of a truly reliable resource.

Some go to pinterest, others google, others use magazines, and others purchase a book or a binder. 

But here is where things go awry – when the resources end up being confusing or incomplete or worse inaccurate. And this is usually – most often – okay almost always because the checklists lack many things. But mostly the can’t provide you with the how to accomplish a task – those critical  detail(s) that actually helps you complete a task.  

Take a simple checklists found online or via a blogpost for example – they get you started by identifying the what to do. 

But that’s it.

(1) They are very simply a laundry list telling you what to do but never how to do it and why the proposed deadline is actually important. Think of a checklist like a guide for putting together furniture but only pictures. Not nearly as helpful as when you have both words, pictures or even better videos! 

(2) And then there is also the example of when you go to find a checklist and notice none of them say the same thing. Listing tasks in different orders with different recommended to do and due dates. Resulting in more confusion than you’ve ever bargained for. 

(3) Not to mention many of the resources you find may be outdated or miss current guidance on how to manage planning a wedding  – in the midst of a pandemic for example.

Checklists get you started but they can’t carry your planning. And this is where couples often get frustrated, overwhelmed, or worse make mistakes.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Wedding checklists are one piece of the puzzle. But to plan your wedding successfully, you need:

  • What tasks to focus on
  • When to focus on them
  • The tools to get the job done
  • And expert advice on how to complete a task

Especially if you’ve never planned a wedding before. And we certainly don’t believe you should spend hours + hours googling for this. That is wasted time. And after a full days work, you shouldn’t have to spend hours searching for how to complete a task instead of working on actually completings.

No. To successfully plan your dream wedding, you need an affordable one stop shop. One that has:

  • A truly efficient approach to planning your wedding – 6 phases to be exact
  • Task lists to keep you on track
  • PDF guides – full of simplified guidance to help you know how to complete a task
  • And a community (armed with an event planning team) to ask all your wedding specific questions.

Our Step By Step Solution

We saw couples struggling with this – especially this year in the midst of trying to plan their dream wedding in a pandemic – when so many events were postponed causing radical shifts in event planning timelines.

As an answer to:

  • a desire to support couples enjoy their planning experience
  • save couples time and get rid of all the google or pinterest “how to” searches
  • condense the planning guidance and infuse it with current recommendations + experience based knowledge
  • allow the planning guidance of an event planning team be accessible to many instead of the few

We created the Modern Wedding Planner – a simplified step by step planning approach for all couples looking to successfully plan their wedding.

  • It’s simple yet comprehensive.
  • It’s affordable yet as if you hired a wedding planning team to walk with you.
  • It will radically change and thereby improve the way you approach and complete your wedding planning tasks.

Don’t delay get access today + plan your wedding with confidence, excitement and all the tools you need to get the job done!

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