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January 25, 2021

Focus Areas For 2021

If your business feels like the ocean tide with it’s ebbing and flowing or if you are tired of trying all the latest and greatest strategies without much success  or if you just want this year to be the one that you look back on with a sense of “it finally clicked”…today’s post is for you! I am sharing the three areas to focus on in 2021 and how each of these could have a role in: 

  • Helping you serve your community 
  • Growing your impact 
  • Seeing progress through the development of a consistency plan 

Let’s get started! 



I’ve had many community members identify the struggles they have with content creation. And I think this is because of three things: 

  • We get disappointed if we don’t see immediate results {more on this in the consistency section of this post}  
  • We overcomplicate the process {because yes there is a very simple strategy for content creation}
  • We fail to create content from a value-based perspective

So what would happen if we flipped the switch?

What if we focused on the creation of content we share from a desire to always bring value. To provide solutions and simplified step by step methods to get from point A to point B.

This is our focus. With each blog post, each newsletter, each social media post – our goal is to provide our community with actionable nuggets.

Kind of a like an inchworm inching closer and closer to the goal of both a prosperous life and business.

And we are committed to bringing this to you – our community – in all areas of business and then extending it even further this year with our Creative Story community.

Because we know you have big dreams this year – especially after last year. And we are here to help you build them brick by brick by brick. 



A central focus of this year will be on building community from within. That is the community is going to be in the driver seat – at every point.

I know you’ve probably heard this before. But most will talk about building audiences, using fictitious avatars, or marketing towards singular well-defined people.

I understand the value in doing us. It keeps your voice and who you market to consistent. Simply put it helps with focus.

But focus – in my opinion – can be attained in other ways.

Building a community by getting to know those who have followed you on social media, signed up for your newsletter, or have attended your workshops allows you to refine and focus your messaging in a value-based way.

A way that allows new members to see quickly that you’ve grown your community from a place of them. And not you.

It’s a small and subtle switch on traditional marketing. Instead of that value, value, value, ask. It’s all about value.

Value that helps move your community step by step by step to a goal they are working towards or step by step by step beyond a barrier they are struggling with.

And then allowing your offers to extend naturally from there. In the truest sense of being a guide. Someone who equips the hero with all the knowledge, tools, and know how to really achieve.

And then allowing your community to determine when the time is right for them. {my free guide this month has a full section on how a content funnel supports this!}

My community builders this year are this blog, my weekly newsletter, and my social platforms.

And you better believe I have some amazing ideas to help really build community this year {spoiler alert: a refreshed Creative Story offering is coming in March complete with mastermind groups, a guided roadmap to help you blueprint the foundation of your business, and strategies to help you pandemic proof your business all for the lifetime access price of $47.00 for a limited time}


In the spirit of transparency, consistency is hard. And not because we do not want to consistently show up and serve. It is actually because we want to share value consistently that consistently is hard.

And if we dig a little deeper, I think we will quickly discover that consistency isn’t as simple show up every day. 

If you grabbed my quarter one business refresh and completed the exercise of writing out all your client and business facing tasks, you have a visual representation of the complexity of consistency.

From website updates. Service alignment. Message development. Client management. Client onboarding. Content creation. Social media. Stories. Reels. Pinterest. Lives. Newsletters. Lead Magnets. And now Clubhouse.

The list honestly could go on and on and on…

But it’s possible to make consistency a hallmark of your business with practice, a plan, and a promise.

Not perfection. 

It’s those business owners who are willing to commit to the notion that consistency is a mindset shift that requires you to push past today and look forward. It’s about making a promise to show up every day even when it feels like it is only small steps forward. 

Consistency is one of the most important facets of being a business owner. It requires resilience, blinders, and determination.

And it doesn’t work if you don’t have these three things: 

  • A simple plan as a roadmap 
  • A system(s) to support the plan 
  • A willingness to implement the plan + trust that good things will come

Sprinkle in a little well timed evaluation and reflection and you’ve landed on a winning recipe.

Next month, I have a full post planned on strategies that will help you build your community from within, use your content to truly create connections, and focus on what matters.  All of which are aimed to also help you embrace impact and consistency in the year ahead.

There you have it friends! I cannot wait to dive deep into these facets over the next year with you and to expand on consistency and focus planning in the months ahead. 

And if you are interested in joining our community in bigger ways this year you can find us here: 

I would love to know what you plan to focus on in 2021! Send me a DM here + let’s get the conversation started! 

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