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June Goals

A fresh start to a month on a Monday? Yes please! These just may be my most favorite ways to kick off a new month! For no particular reason – other than they feel doubly new! Sadly – there is also a heaviness. My thoughts and prayers are with the communities around our country that […]

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May Goals

I had hoped to kick off the year with a 2020 goals post but the early part of the year (January and February) were busy with early events and then well the pandemic hit. But something about the month of May feels like a nice fresh start and so here we are with both yearly […]

Behind the Buisness

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Your Business Mindset | A Radical Shift

Our Past Can Powerfully Influence Our Future I haven’t always known what I wanted to be when I grew up. Truthfully, I’ve always enjoyed a wide variety of things (a great story for another newsletter) But one commonality amongst everything I have know and done throughout my life has been a deep appreciation of learning, […]


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Welcome, sweet friend - to Bea Inspired - a collection of stories that reflect the heartbeat YSDE, DJco and all things that bring joy to my personal life. I’m Danielle: a fighter for the good things in life, a celebrator of simple joys, and an encourager of building the life your heart desires. It is my hope that these shared stories will leave you inspired, encouraged and eager to chase your big bold beautiful dreams. I hope you’ll grab your favorite coffee/tea, pull up a chair and stay awhile! xo

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