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September 15, 2021

The Six Phases of Wedding Planning (Follow These & Have a Perfectly Planned Event in No Time!)

In the past, we’ve shared about the complete YSDE Approach to wedding planning. One aspect of our planning process that makes us unique is our Six Phase approach. 


Our simple, yet comprehensive signature six phased approach is designed to help organize decisions. Allowing for:

  • critically time sensitive decisions to be made early in the process 
  • decisions to build upon each other in a way that encourages the planning process to naturally unfold in a seamless logical step by step process.  


The phases help to organize planning decisions, into two distinct categories – logistical and design. 

We know that if these phases – and their associated tasks –  are followed using this simplified yet comprehensive step by step approach when planning a wedding, it will go smoother & be a more joyful planning experience for everyone involved! (this signature approach is one we’ve used with hundreds of planning clients with great success!) 

This Six Phase process is simple, comprehensive, strategic and anticipatory. It allows you to build a solid foundation, while also creating a design & plan that speaks to your marriage. And it keeps you one step ahead – so that you can plan the wedding you’ve been dreaming of without settling and with buffer so that when life happens – no big deal! 

The Six Phase process includes: 


Phase One: Building Your Foundation – This phase of your experience is centered around the exploration of your preferences, the generation of guiding elements – like building the perfect budget, your most helpful guest list and a vision to guide all the subsequent decisions -, and the initiation of building your vendor team in order to ensure you set your planning up for success. 


Phase Two: Development – In the second phase you will work to develop essential tools that will serve as the cornerstone for your guest experience used to create an intentionally thoughtful event weekend. And will also stay one step ahead of building your dream vendor team (something we feel the industry lacks when searching for advice on major planning websites!) 


Phase Three: Designing Your Event Experience – With many of the logistical planning elements ready to go,  you are perfectly positioned to strategically begin crafting your event design! This design process walks you through the creation of an event that reflects who you are, the experience you desire to intentionally create for your guests, and usuals visuals, industry knowledge, and space to bring it all to life.


Phase Four: Production & Management – In this phase, after finalizing all the elements of your event design in the previous phase, you will begin to produce it using a guided step by step approach – ensuring no detail is left undone. This phase ensures that all the final pieces are accounted for and brings you one step closer to the big day! 


Phase Five: Coordination – Now you will put the finishing touches on your event by marrying all the pieces into one seamless event using expert guidance on how to work efficiently in these final months. This phase ensures you stay ahead of tasks, helps you anticipate needs that are coming down the road, and provides you with the confidence to be sure nothing is left to the last minute.


Phase Six: Execution – Your hard work is finally brought to life through the perfectly packaged coordinating efforts you’ve worked on in the previous phase. It is here that you are encouraged to enjoy the fleeting moments these final weeks. Using our guidance, you will feel ready enjoy every moment of your wedding week – a week where events fly by all too quickly. This phase empowers you with the confidence to hand off your event to a team you fully trust. Get ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful milestones of your life. You deserve it!


Looking for more wedding tips, tricks, and tools to walk you through the phases of planning step by step? We’ve created just the resource! The Modern Wedding Planner! We’ve taken our signature planning approach used with hundreds of clients and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step, results driven resource that empowers you with the tools, the strategy, the industry based secrets, and the assurance/confidence to make your dream wedding a reality! CLICK HERE to watch a lesson completely free, our gift to you!


The Six Phases of Wedding Planning (Follow These & Have a Perfectly Planned Event in No Time!) // Your Sweetest Day Events (relevant hashtags: #weddingplanning #easyweddingplanning)

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