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October 13, 2021

Phase One & Phase Two | Who Is This Bundle For

If you’re planning your dream wedding, then you’ve probably already found yourself feeling like it’s so much more than a simple checklist of to dos


There are hundreds of details to account for and very little guidance on how to actually get them done & done efficiently.


 Unless you pay thousands of dollars for a wedding planner. 


But this isn’t your only option!


With the right tools and a killer roadmap, you can successfully avoid overwhelm and stress when planning your wedding.


Introducing: The Modern Wedding Planner Phase 1 & Phase 2 bundle! 


That Who 

This bundle is perfect for engaged couples who are looking for a truly reliable resource to help walk them through the planning process using an easy to follow approach that makes their planning efficient, effective, and easy to follow!  


This bundle seeks to meet an engaged couple at the start of their planning journey – link arms – and walk with you step by step by step. It will guide you through:

  • exactly how to get started, 
  • what to focus on, 
  • how to efficiently and effectively complete a planning task, 
  • and help you anticipate what is needed instead of react to what is happening. 


This bundle is essential for engaged couples looking to save time, energy, and money and for those who are eager to start their event planning journey on the best possible foot. 


The What 


Phase one and phase two of the modern wedding planner were created to help couples establish a strong planning foundation. This bundle includes expert based guidance on: 

  • Setting up your planning organizational system and approach 
  • Exploring how wedding based research differs from your every day approach to googling 
  • And tools, pdf guides, and comprehensive video teachings aimed at: 
    • Helping you develop a truly usable and reliable budget – one that promises to guide yet adapt to your planning 
    • Guiding you through the creation of a your guest list
    • Providing you with our proven approach to nailing your dream venue(s) 
    • Empowering you with all the considerations you need to evaluate potential vendors to build your dream team 


All of which has been meticulously researched and developed in order to save you time, energy, and overwhelm. No need to waste house googling and pinteresting! This resource has everything you need to establish a rock solid planning foundation – prepping for all those downstream planning steps in the days/weeks/months ahead! 


The Why 


The establishment of a strong planning foundation is essential to creating a stress free planning experience. Most if not all the planning decisions in the planning process stem from decisions that are made in these two phases. It is, therefore, critical to have the best guidance there is to help ensure these decisions are made from a value based perspective – one that is aligned with your preferences, budget, and the experience you desire to create. 


We filled these phases with guidance, tools, and planning advice (and tips/tricks) that have proven to be critical starting points for a smooth and successful planning process. Our goal is always to help couples by giving them all the tools, planning advice, and support so they can spend more time getting the task completed and less time trying to decipher where and how to get started. 


The When

This bundle is designed to help the couples get started with their event planning and to establish strong planning habits. It truly flips the typical – dare we say antiquated – planning guidance on its head to give you a fresh modern approach to plan your dream wedding. 


Modern Wedding Planner phase one and phase two bundle is the perfect compliment to kick off your event planning. If you have been searching Pinterest, Google, or Wedding blogs for the ultimate checklist – look no further! This bundle goes 4 steps further by providing you with: 

  • Module specific task lists – the What 
  • Video guidance – the How 
  • PDF guides – the How –  yes we’ve done the research for you! 
  • A community – with a real life planning team to help support and guide your planning every step of the way! 

We’ve taken our signature planning approach used with hundreds of clients and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step, results driven resource that empowers you with the tools, the strategy, the industry based secrets, and the assurance/confidence to make your dream wedding a reality! CLICK HERE to watch a lesson completely free, our gift to you!

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