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How To Efficiently Organize Your Time

Time management for many – if not most – is that seemingly elusive aspect of business that touches every function of your business. Managing and using your time efficiently and effectively is the key to productivity but implementing time management strategies can be a challenge.  This is because there truly is no one size fits […]

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Three Areas To Clear The Clutter From Your Business

2020 was hard. If we are being honest, we still have a ways to go. And yet, I am determined to make this year different. 2021 isn’t going to just happen – that was 2020. There is much we can do today to change/control the trajectory of our business in this new year. If you […]

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Creating A Truly Magnetic Brand

Finding Momentum With a focus on renewal – I am eager to dive into the new month and lay the foundation to build momentum leading into the New Year. I made the conscious decision in September/October that December was going to be my trial month. It would be a month I would spend trying out […]

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Welcome, sweet friend - to Bea Inspired - a collection of stories that reflect the heartbeat YSDE, DanieJco and all things that bring joy to my personal life. I’m Danielle: a fighter for the good things in life, a celebrator of simple joys, and an encourager of building the life your heart desires. It is my hope that these shared stories will leave you inspired, encouraged and eager to chase your big bold beautiful dreams. I hope you’ll grab your favorite coffee/tea, pull up a chair and explore! xo

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