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December 7, 2021

Discovering Your Offer’s Transformational Potential

Over the past – almost three years, I’ve been determined to identify and subsequently feel called to build a community of like-minded business women who are eager to both live well and work well. Some may call this balance – but I much prefer the term harmonious living – mostly because balance can be very different depending on the season {another post for another day}. 

So I’ve been dreaming, building, refining something that we will be sharing with a small group of women starting December 20th and then opening in January. I am so excited about this resource and the new direction for DanieJco – its been something I have been dreaming about for almost three years. 

DanieJCo & The Creative Story

The Creative Story – is about you. It’s always been about the creative – the life, the business, and the legacy she is building. It’s about identifying the foundational facets of life and business – how they work together and how they are at odds with each other. And then making those systems – you know the ones they run on – run more efficiently. 

So you can: 

  • Have a greater impact 
  • Breather easier 
  • Grow in spaces your heart desires to grow and let the rest run in the background

Because if there is anything the last three years has taught me is that the hamster wheel isn’t the place for me – not the place I want to do life in or business in. It is and has to be much more intentional than this. 

And mostly because I wholeheartedly believe that my time is my currency. And because of this I feel convicted to do better, to be better, and to be wiser with the currency I have. 

So I have been building – albeit slowly thank’s to COVID and all of life’s unforeseen circumstances that were so far out of my control – its almost laughable. But we’ve all been there. 

Perhaps someday – and someday soon – I will be able to look back at the journey and see clearly that it was meant to be. Because we’ve all heard that slow growth is still growth – I am okay with the time it’s taken me to get here. In fact I am grateful for it – its brought so much perspective. And truthfully renewed conviction {stories I save for my newsletter community here – they know my heart in big ways} 

A Peek Behind The Curtain | What We’ve Been Working On

In the weeks ahead, we will be releasing The Foundation {join the waitlist here}a resource for business owners who are tired of chasing each new strategy to keep up with each new algorithm change. It’s a reset – to remind you of every foundational element that is essential to building greater impact, greater legacy, greater efficiency, and ultimately greater profit (in dollars, time, and joy!). 

In the weeks ahead, I will be sharing bits and pieces of this resource to give you an insight as to what/why/how this community is designed to make a difference in the lives of female business owners hard at work – building dreams, building families, and not losing themselves in the process. 

So without further ado – let’s dive into a little preview of chapter one – discovering your offer’s transformational potential. 

Chapter One | Your Offer’s Transformational Potential

The idea of product/value alignment is fundamentally what sets a business apart from a hobby. And while hobbies are essential to a well rounded life, running a business requires much more than simply describing what you sell and hoping it will bring in profit.  

Selling requires you to align the value of your service with the needs/desires/wants of those to whom you sell – something I like to call your community rather than what most marketing advisers call an ideal client, audience or avatar. 

It’s this value based alignment that helps you demonstrate to your community how you/your offer can take them from where they are to where they want to be. And I can almost guarantee each of your community members is seeking out some sort of transformation. 

What is a transformation, here are few quick examples: 

  • Product based business examples
    • No gift -> gift (one that helps them communicate something to the giftee) 
    • Lack of resources → all the tools needed to help create and execute a comprehensive teaching program for a specific student population 
  • Service based business examples 
    • Fear that something will be forgotten → assurance that your expertise will every moment of their day/their children/this special cherished moment to be captured so it can be remembered for years and years to come. 
    • Fear of what they don’t know → the stress free experience with all details covered so I can truly enjoy every moment assurance.

Articulating the transformation your offer can provide can feel like you are taking on a mountain when you try to get started. It’s so much more than just talking about the features of what you offer. Its more about describing the journey you will take your customers on – and most specifically the one they are currently seeking.  

Unsure where to start?  With the right tools and a plan you can do just this – so let’s break down the three essential facets of communicating your offer’s transformational potential.  

Communicating your offer’s transformational potential requires three essential facets: 

  • A deep understanding of the value/benefits of your offer(s) 
    • And most specifically value/benefits that help your community see the how of your offer – the roadmap you will take them on to get to where they desire to go. 
  • A deep understanding of your community and what their desires/needs/wants are 
    • One that helps you understand your community on a personal level – what they struggle with, what they desire, where to anticipate obstacles, and what is fundamentally possible with the right tools, steps, and process. 
  • A roadmap 
    • that outlines how to get from where your community is to where they want to go 

If you find yourself shaking your head yes! And saying a reset/refocus on the good work that ultimately seeks to help you have a greater impact, more time, and increased productivity/profitability, then I would love to invite you into our community. In the weeks ahead we will be sharing tons of free get ready for 2022 content and will be hosting a masterclass all aimed at helping you refresh, reset, and refine so that you can truly build a life and business that drives from a place of intention, time well spent, and impact. 

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