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December 3, 2018

Welcome to the New Your Sweetest Day Events!

Welcome to the all new Your Sweetest Day Events! I’ve hinted at this development since the start of the New Year – I’ve touched on some big changes (looking at you subtle but impactful rebrand), mentioned growth (hello DJco!) and hinted that there are big dreams on the horizon (starting with the addition of 4 lead planners – allowing the heart of a YSDE experience to expand beyond what only I was previously capable of providing). And its finally being shared with the world today!

Before diving in and sharing the heart behind the change, I want to first say thank you – to my husband who encouraged me, gave me the time to work on all the elements that go into creating a new website and business (hint hint) and who cheered me on through it all. It may not seem like much but creating a new website and designing a new brand is a labor of love – one that isn’t possible without a support team cheering you on and a wonderfully talented and patient designer (Bonnie – I could sing your praises for days! Seriously friends – she is literally the best! She is knowledgable, talented, gracious (giving me so much grace during my first trimester) and just the best encourager! I plan to use her services over and over and over again!)

I’ve prayed for big changes for this business, for my family, and for myself over the past few years. I’ve asked for guidance, for wisdom, for courage but most of all for an understanding of direction. I’ve envisioned broadly what I hoped this lifetime would stand for and each time the connection between my business and my personal life remains. This business gives life to my family and my family/experience give life to my business.

The heart of the services we provide rests soundly in the notion that we, as your wedding planning guides, are here to help you celebrate one of life’s most cherished milestones with those you love. If that isn’t intimately tied to family and friends – I am not sure what is!

I have acquired a deep passion for the creation of uncommon events that reflect the heartfelt love stories of couples and wanted a website that reflected the essence of walking into my home, sitting down and embarking on a wedding planning journey that is uniquely your own. I’ve fallen in love with helping couples create and live out their wedding day vision. I’ve garnered a deep appreciation for dedication and time it takes to a run a successful business. And I’ve dreamed of creating a life that embraces the notion of legacy, togetherness, and the sacredness of time.  All of these growing points have impacted the changes you see on the website today and are the culmination of  lots of up’s, downs, in’s and outs! I hope you will see my heart as you explore the website today – if you do, we’ve done our job well.

And friends, this is just the start for YSDE – I have a few additional elements that will be launched next month and then a big dream that will be slowly fostered throughout 2019. I hope you will take some time to explore the new site. Oh and you may notice a new addition to our offerings via Danielle Jacqueline Co. This is both an extension of the YSDE brand but also something separate – its a space I plan to provide resources for couples like yourself and creatives. Within this space you will find resources – like downloads, webinars, workshops, etc – that will help you specifically as a bride and groom to plan your wedding.

It will also be a space for creatives – the details of which will be discussed tomorrow right here on Bea Inspired – the Journal (blog) for YSDE and DJco. For now, be sure to hop on over to my Instagram Live where I chat all about my favorite spaces of the website and how I hope they serve you well.

Thank you for celebrating this labor of love with me. Thank you to the couples who have entrusted me with their special days and brought so much unbounding joy to my life. Thank you to the vendors who have been more like friends to work with. Thank you to my family who have encouraged me to chase and build the life I’ve been dreaming of. And thank you to you Bonnie for helping this all come to life!

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