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December 5, 2018

Danielle Jacqueline co | A Brand & Resource for Creatives

Thank you to all who stopped the new site yesterday to join in the fun celebrating the launch of the new YSDE. It was such a joy to share this space with you all and your shared excitement meant the world to me! I can’t wait to continue to share resources with you and amazing content along the way.

If you are an engaged couple, you are going to want to watch check out my stories about a fun giveaway I am hosting with a sweet local vendor, Liz Riden. If you are in the market for bridesmaids gifts – you will want to check out my stories today for all the details on a fun/beautiful bridesmaids gift option!   And don’t miss out on this month’s free resource (scroll down to almost the bottom of the page to gain access to this jam-packed resource). I chatted about it this morning on my stories spilling all the details of the 9+ pages of free content to prepare you for those important planning elements couples often scramble to execute! And don’t delay – at the end of the month this resource will head into the SHOP (launching next month) for purchase!

To continue the celebrations and announcements for the week, today I am officially announcing the sister brand and business that has been growing in my heart over the past year. The heart behind the launch of Danielle Jacqueline co, sister brand and business resides in a earnest desire to share experiences, offer encouragement, and provide other creatives with the confidence, insight, and tools to make their big bold business dreams come true.

Over the past year, I’ve grown to love walking alongside other entrepreneurs, swapping stories, thinking about strategy, about marketing, and exploring ways to build a harmonious business and life. I’ve become fully immersed in learning as much as possible about entrepreneurship – through a variety of business books, articles, blogposts, podcasts – if there are resources out there I am eager to seek them out. Despite years of traditional education in a completely different field, this is the most excited I’ve been about the continued pursuit of learning. Talking strategy, experimenting with marketing techniques, working through a variety of organizational methods and approaches aimed at working smarter are all areas that I have committed to exploring this past year. All of this has contributed to a desire to share what I’ve learned, to walk alongside other creatives in their journey towards building a beautiful life – one that leads to contentment, joy, and profitability.

So what exactly is being offered through DJco? A variety of educational options: 1 on 1 mentoring, a group master program, and resources (through a library of books I use and love, tools I use daily in my business, and for purchase in the SHOP – both of which are launching in January) to build out your dreams! And that is just the start! I have big dreams for the offerings and direction of this sister brand and to kick it off – we’ve opened enrollment for mentoring (welcoming 1-2 mentees every three months) and our master program aimed at bringing together like-minded creatives in a group coaching setting. Both offerings are currently open enrollment and I will be hoping on Instagram Live today and Friday  sharing more of the details about what you can expect from these experiences – but if you are considering either feel free to reach out and we can hop on a free discovery call to chat more about how these experiences might align with your business dreams.

As a gift to all those creatives who are looking to make 2019 their year to thrive, we are launching our first DJco challenge – Foster & Flourish. All the details can be found here! The challenge kicks off on Monday 12/10 and promises to empower you with the tools to live your best life while working towards big bold beautiful business dreams. Be sure to sign up today to get started with the first steps of the challenge on Monday and to be eligible for one of two amazing giveaways! Sharing all the details today on my stories – so don’t miss out on three weeks of good work in an effort to make 2019 the year to approach with a strategic plan so that it can be your most fruitful yet!


Top image credit | Caroline Logan Photography 

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