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January 1, 2020

Hello 2020 | Reflection & Anticipation

January 2020

On The Year Ahead

And So the Adventure Begins…

I’ve spent the majority of the last year in an interesting place. Resting in the midst of wanting more. Of wanting less.

And working through a deep desire to design a life that felt peaceful, purposeful, and a business that was both impactful, life giving, and equally parts profitable.

I had big dreams for 2019 but very little margin (mostly due to entering motherhood for the second time and learning to navigate owning a business from a different vantage point). I learned more this year than I have in many years (in fact I have a full newsletter planed for this moth on lessons) But today in my newsletter that will go out to subscribers at 3pm, I am choosing to celebrate first (and making this a habit for the year ahead).

The newsletter will serve as a space to share my heart this year – in fact I talk all about what you can expect from the weekly distribution of the newsletter today. But briefly, my dream for the education side of my business has radically shifted since its launch one year ago – one that I will share in detail over the next month. The DanieJco community will serve as a place to share:

  • Honestly |  in a way that felt truthful, unsheltered, and unapologetic. After much thought and reflection, I plan to share..
  • Authentically | In the year ahead you can expect to hear my heart. Through these weekly newsletters you will be invited into what I’ve learned, what I am working through, and how I’ve turned failure into success.
  • Artistry | In the year ahead you can expect to see a return to one of the reasons I started this business – to be a creative. Your first few years in business are an experience – full of trial and error, self discovery, mistakes, and finding your voice. 2019 was a big year of all of the above.
  • Storytelling | the year ahead has some incredibly lofty goals  –  I’ve chosen to share my story – both its past, its present, and as it unfolds, because (1) I hope others find it inspiring, (2) I want nothing more than to cheer you on in your big bold audacious dreams, and (3) if we want to go far, we should go together.

The newsletter that goes out to all subscribers today shares more about what you can expect and a sweet reflection on the 2019.

Be sure to join the community here

Happy 2020 friends! Let me know in the comments below what you are dreaming of in the year ahead! I’d love to create a community to cheer each other on in those big beautiful dreams we are chasing!

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