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January 3, 2020

Goals, Dreams & Vision

Goals, Dreams & the importance of being a Visionary

With the start of the new year, I’ve been looking forward to working through our dreams, goals and vision for the year ahead. I started diving into this work in October/November. And have allowed myself what I thought was plenty of time to work through goals, cleaning, and organizing.

Truthfully, I had planned to start the year ready to hit the ground running with polished goals, cleaned files, caught up – dare I even say ahead – of items for the start of the year.  But with sick kids before the holiday, a busy holiday full of family events and travel, and two weddings between Christmas and New Years – my time was a little more limited than I had anticipated.

Rather than let allow feelings of items being incomplete make me feel behind in the first week – I forged ahead. Something I wouldn’t have done in the past. I gave myself some grace and just started – even though all the to do’s weren’t perfect.


I recently watched Imagineering – a documentary on this history of the Disney brand. I had intended to only enjoy watching for the sake of watching but I ended up taking notes. Walt Disney was a true visionary and the Disney brand at its conception was a true leap of faith.

The documentary was inspiring.

It was eye opening.

It was a true testament to the importance of building a team, of taking calculated risks, learning from failures, and made clear why a successful brand needs a visionary.

So today – with the Disney brand story as inspiration and a new found appreciation for letting perfect go – I am sharing my dreams for the year ahead – which as I am slowly learning are also works in progress.

Business Goals

  • Continue to edit services – in order to make them bigger and better in the year ahead
  • Add services – styling enhancements, workshops, and course offerings
  • Practice floral artistry – and open offerings for partial/full service clients at the end of this year
  • Relaunch and Grow the education side of my business.

Personal Goals

  • invest time in making healthy meals and exercise
  • take time for hobbies
    • design and establish a cut garden
    • hiking
    • reading

Family Goals

  • take a special trip – some place magical
  • pay off all debt
  • make togetherness the center of our family decisions
  • make time for fellowship with monthly family and friend dinners

Word of the Year | Discipline

Last year my word was intention – and truthfully while many of the goals didnt go as planned – intention was at the root of the decisions I made and those that are propelling this year forward. This year I have some lofty goals – both personally and professionally – and its going to take a rather large dose of discipline to make them and all those listed above happen.

If you are interested in reading my monthly goals and the updates on those above, be sure to join the DanieJco community here.

And in the spirit of the new year, I’d love to know what big dream you are chasing – leave those below!

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