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November 30, 2020

Creating A Truly Magnetic Brand

Finding Momentum

With a focus on renewal – I am eager to dive into the new month and lay the foundation to build momentum leading into the New Year. I made the conscious decision in September/October that December was going to be my trial month. It would be a month I would spend trying out my goals, routines, and starting to cultivate new habits. And then tweaking them before kicking off the new year.

It’s something I am really excited about. My hope is that this type of an approach takes the pressure off of January. That is allows the work I do next month to be an extension of the momentum I build this month.

In a sense – it combines ending this year well and setting next year up for success. A win-win if you ask me.

With that mindset, this past month I’ve been working on gaining clarity and developing a business plan and goals for the year ahead. In years past my goals felt like they would fall short – more simply they didn’t serve me or my business well. And after much evaluation, it was because my goals weren’t tied to anything. 

A Different Approach To Goal Setting

A goal is just a dream if it exists without an execution plan. 

A goal needs things like measures, time bounds, and a plan to support, sustain and propel them forward over time. They also need to be intimately tied to the heart of why you do what you do. Later this month I will be sharing the formula I am using to craft my goals for the year ahead. And spoiler alert it includes all the items above. These goals are sticking this year – no matter what!

People Buy From People

But today I wanted to share with you how I plan to tie my goals to my why – something until recently I rolled my eyes at because let’s face it it felt like another buzz word thrown around in the industry.

That is until I watched this highly viewed TedTalk by Simon Sinek – if you haven’t seen it yet I promise it is worth your time and will radically change the way in which you think about sharing your business with the world. 

Briefly – Simon identifies the error he believes most business’ make, specifically why some brands are more successful than other when their services and offerings are basically the same. Most businesses market from their what and how instead of starting with why. And not just any why – what you believe, what you value, the reasons you spend your time in this business. This is what is your most powerful source of attraction. People buy from people.

Examples of Magnetic Brands

Take Apple and Magnolia for example. These brands are magnetic. And its not because they have the newest, shiniest, or heck even best offer for what they sell. But they’ve nailed selling with their why. Magnolia repeatedly shares its manifesto in every quarterly edition of its magazine. Its simple. Its truthful. It’s heartfelt. And it weaves itself into everything Chip and Joanna do. There is no guessing as to what Magnolia stands for.

Can you say the same for your brand? Can you see the thread that ties together your services, your marketing, your messaging, your branding, your imagery? If you said no, you’re not alone my friend. It seems simple but its harder than it seems. But those who are able to flip the script. Go against the grain. Get a little uncomfortable have the potential to see big results in the year ahead.

The First Step Towards Creating A Magnetic Brand

In my newsletter this week (12/2 at 12pm EST) to the DanieJco community, I am sharing a formula I’ve put together to ensure each of my marketing efforts aligns with value based messaging. It lays out the relationship of how your why, your stories, and your success are intimately tied together. And it keeps it simple. Because this year is about progress – the kind that adds up little by little by little. This formula isn’t a quick fix. It’s part of a larger shift I am working towards. One that I plan to share openly.

After this year, I am finding myself craving some momentum. When the world shutdown 8+ months ago, the uncertainty that filled the void made moving forward challenging. It was hard to know what to do, when to do it, and what life was going to look like in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

But now more than ever, I find myself ready. To make some big changes. Take on things that have been pushed to the back burner. Ready to run both of my businesses differently.

The DanieJco Why

I’ve spent the past few years searching for the system, the formula, the process that serves my business, my family, and my couples/clients with precision, impact, purpose, and results. Because I am a daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother, business-owner among many other things. And if this year has made anything more apparent its that time is fleeting. 

Truthfully, this has been challenging – searching for that delicate balance between doing all things well and a deep desire to be successful in each. There is no holy grail or overnight success secret to making it easier. It takes hard work. Mistakes. Failures. Little by little. Grace. Determination. Lessons.

I also think we tend to overcomplicate, extend ourselves beyond capacity, and grow without establishing a strong foundation. We are constantly inundated with cure all after cure all after cure all. And while we seek these out with good intentions – we often feel defeated because we don’t see immediate progress. This leads to burnout, feelings of failure, and frustration.

My mission this year is simple – take the complication out of what we do as creative business owners. Create systems that sustain and then scale. Ground messaging in beliefs and values. And the fill each of these areas with strategy that creates life and business sustaining impact.

So, if you are ready to make a change. Tired of spinning your wheels or throwing spaghetti on the walls (like me) and not seeing the impact you desire. And want a simpler way – don’t miss out on joining the DanieJco newsletter community. It costs nothing to join – just your enthusiasm for your business and a desire to build a beautiful life.

2021 you better be ready for the trail this community is about to blaze because there are big things coming!

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