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November 24, 2021

The Ultimate Newly Engaged Checklist

Newly Engaged Guide

You’re engaged! You’re planning your wedding! You’re going to marry your best friend!

If you are seeking a timeless celebration with a heartbeat and desire a strategic unparalleled planning experience, you’re in the right place!

Perhaps you’ve gathered countless inspiration images or pinned how to plan a wedding a few 100 times from pinterest but you know you want something more than what’s been done before. You are searching for those never-been-seen-before details that breathe life into your wedding day dreams. 

But you haven’t yet found what you are looking for. Or perhaps you are frustrated by how much time it takes to piece together exactly what you need to do, when, and how to do it. 

We get it! Because planning a wedding from start to finish – isn’t simple. There are countless decisions that need to be made and you want more than just a wing it approach {one that often results in missed details, missed deadlines, wasted time, and costly spending}

No, you believe there is a better approach to planning your dream wedding than simply just piecing it together from wedding blogs, google, magazines, and pinterest. But you are worried you won’t find it without paying a hefty price. 

Well friend, you couldn’t be more right – there is a better, more efficient way to plan your wedding and I am here to tell you it’s available to you for less than what you would pay to buy a wedding planner binder/book – and its better! 

With over 7+ years in the event industry, I am passionate about helping couples design + plan experiences full of timeless heartfelt details that tell their story. And to do so without wasting hours turning to wedding blogs to only get outdated jumbled advice!

This is why we’ve put together this FREE Resource – the Ultimate Checklist for Engaged Couples! To help couples like yourself get started on the right track with planning their wedding. 

Our goal with this guide – and truthfully all of our planning guidance/advice/tips/tricks –  is to save you time, money, stress, frustration, overwhelm by simplifying the process – every step of the way! And it starts with how you get started with planning your wedding. 

That’s right how you start dictates the rest of your planning process – specifically regarding what critical details you need to start with {because they inform all the downstream decisions you will need to make to plan a successful event}

And if you are newly engaged I can just about guess, you’ve spent a few hours {maybe more} already googling, pinteresting, or scouring wedding blogs for how to get started. The problem there is you will end up spending even more time piecing together your planning process from often outdated incomplete {dare we say unreliable} planning sources. 

And your wedding {and you} deserve reliability, accuracy, efficiency, and a truly trustworthy planning experience. 

So how does our newly created guide get you started on the right track? Very simply it gives you the what, the when, the how and sets you up for wedding planning success. 

It includes: 

  1. 15+ pages of jam packed actionable content – never been shared before but used to help our full service clients seamlessly plan their weddings 
  2. Our recommendation for when to complete the critical planning pieces for building your perfect wedding
  3. The first three decisions to make after getting engaged & how to get those decisions and tasks completed quickly {tips and tricks we use with our planning clients and found in the Modern Wedding Planner}
  4. How to efficiently and effectively organize your event planning 
  5. Our expert guidance on how to do wedding based research quickly and efficiently!
  6. And so much more!!! 

Our free guide went out to our our newsletter community as part of our opening gift for our Black Friday sale – starting November 25th and we want you to be the first to have it! 

SIGN UP HERE to learn about our upcoming Black Friday Sales – our best deals of the season and to be sure to grab your free guide on Friday!! 


The Ultimate Newly Engaged Checklist

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