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December 1, 2021

The Design Blueprint: A Step By Step Approach To Wedding Design

The Design Blueprint

If you recently were engaged, we totally get why it can be tempting to dive into the design facets of your wedding, after all you are excited to start to plan one of life’s most beautiful milestones {and who wouldn’t be?!}. But you know we believe that there are important – dare we say critical – foundational decisions that should be made prior to making the big design related decisions for your event.  

And while we encouraged you to briefly explore and hone in on your wedding day vision in the first phase of our six phased approach to event planning –  so as to be sure you were making initial venue and vendor selections that aligned –  that was it in terms of design work in these first two phases. We encouraged you to take a conscious step back and finalize a handful of the logistical elements before moving into phase three – where we dive deep into that fun & transformative design work. 

We seek to encourage couples to have built that truly solid event planning foundation in order to ensure that all future event planning and design decisions feel intentional, logical, and value-aligned. Because we have found that couples who move  forward with a shaky/unstable planning foundation to ultimately feel overwhelmed, lost, and usually see the design results to feel anything but cohesive . It’s why our foundational steps in MWP create confidence, cohesion, and assurance – they empower couples with a deep understanding of what their preferences are and provide a roadmap for each step that should be taken & when. 

Picture this – you are at the point in your wedding planning where you are starting to book your vendors and some of them will ask you what your vision is.But it’s early in the process. I mean maybe you’re even recently engaged. You start to answer by describing pictures you’ve pinned on Pinterest and some thoughts you’ve had but then you think to yourself what does vision even mean? 

This is where the design of an event gets lost before it even has a chance to come to life.

Without an opportunity to first create a solid foundation to support exactly what you want and exactly what your event needs are, many couples end up being persuaded into things that most likely don’t align with what you would have asked for if they had had the opportunity to first explore your event design preferences. 

You see your wedding vision is a central facet to your wedding and knowing how to nail down on exactly what your vision entails, then how to intentionally curate and create it and finally how to effectively communicate it with your vendors is essential to ensuring: 

  1. Your wedding design is one you will love for years and years to come
  2. And that the result – that is your wedding day experience – is exactly what you dreamed it would be. 


So how do you do this in such a way that creates a cohesive experience and a value aligned event?  

With a design blueprint – that is our signature step by step approach to event design that gives you all the secrets to create a wedding that is Pinterest worthy but one step better – because it’s entirely a reflection of you!  

Our design blueprint is our step by step approach that will help couples methodically walk through the event/wedding design process {because yes there is a method to creating those beautiful weddings you see on Pinterest}:

  1. effectively hone in on a vision
  2. realistically create the vision
  3. efficiently communicate the vision
  4. confidently produce the vision 


The MWP Design Blueprint’s step by step approach can ensure your wedding design is:

  • Cohesive {from the save the date to the celebratory farewell}
  • Comprehensive {takes care of those big and small details
  • Functional {allows your event to naturally flow from event element to event element
  • Impactful {ensures that each decision has a role in all the design pillars} 
  • Infused with your story and moments of delight that build an experience and not just an event 


We’ve taken our signature planning & design approach used with hundreds of clients and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step, results driven resource that empowers you with the tools, the strategy, the industry based secrets, and the assurance/confidence to make your dream wedding design a reality! Learn more about the MWP Design Blueprint Here – See Phase Four & Phase Three! 

The Design Blueprint:  A Step By Step Approach To Wedding Design

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