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January 1, 2019

A Warm Welcome For A Cultivated Year of Intention | 2019

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them! – Lara Casey 

2019 -Here we are on the doorsteps of a fresh  365 days, blinking and possibly wondering where in the world did the last 365 days go? And while there certainly isn’t anything particularly magical about 1/1 – that is to say you’re not alone if you didn’t have a chance to do all the prep you had hoped you would have done before today or all the goals you had hoped to have narrowed down and neatly  – it is without question a opportunity for a fresh start no matter where you are in the process of assessment, refinement, and defining what you hope 2019 will bring.

After spending some time reflecting, evaluating, and dreaming – I’ve made the decision to hone in on the following 6 goals for the year. Each one has both personal and professional features of which I plan to touch on throughout the year as good work is poured into the nurturing of each. So without further adieu, my goals for 2019 are centered around the following 6 aspirations:

  • The Continued Pursuit of Financial Freedom
  • A Desire to Run A Profitably Balanced Business
  • A Commitment to (Finally) Making Health and Wellness a Priority
  • The Promise of Cultivating a Life Giving Home
  • The Investment In Family, Relationships, & Leisure
  • The Need to Create White Space In Order to Foster Time & Space to Dream

2019 | The Year of Intention

The commonality amongst them – however – is the notion of Intention. For the longest time, I thought my word for 2019 would be Content but it wasn’t until working through the cultivate powersheets that I became more aware of a more applicable theme for the dreams I had for the year ahead.

After a few years of early business growth, this year feels like the perfect opportunity  to focus on weaving intention into the heart of all aspects of both my business and life. Much of the early years of business are focused on learning the ropes, developing processes, and establishment – but at some point your heart yearns for more and your life demands a different approach. You’ve outgrown the survival tactics of the early years and you are ready for a business that operates from a very different place. And while it doesn’t impact your overall client experience or the service you provide but rather challenges you to do all the good things you’ve grown to know in a way that aligns life as a whole – its no longer about making it but rather about doing well.

I hope you will join me on the journey of continued growth over the next year – I have a feeling the discovery and its meaningful impact over the next 365 days is going to be transformative for this sweet business and beautiful life. I plan to share frequently the ways in which I am working towards these goals – in an effort to both hold myself accountable and to share what I’ve tried/what’s worked/what didn’t work (in case there are others finding themselves at a similar point in their business/life).

To kick off these goal based efforts, I am sharing the development of my vision board with you today on Instagram (see more below) and have starting working towards the goal of making wellness a priority by creating a new end of evening routine. Read on to see how I am jumping into 2019…

Vision Board

Later today I will be sharing some of the behind the scenes of how I plan to build my vision board for 2019 and sharing a few details on what defines each of the six goals outlined above. I spent some time over the past month pulling inspiration from a variety of sources to help create what I hope will be a daily visual reminder of the goals I’ve outlined above. By strategically placing the vision board in a prominent space in our home, my hope is that its words, affirmations, and images will serve as a constant reminder to chase those dreams that most closely align with both my personal and professional aspirations. Tune in here to see more of my plans for building what I hope with be a tool in my tool-kit for a successful 2019 – a small but mighty reminder of the heart behind the every day decisions of all the 2019 tomorrows.

Making Health & Wellness A Priority

2019 Reading List

After working through the cultivate powersheets this past December, it became apparent that I had developed some habits over the past year that weren’t enriching or life giving. Working late, falling asleep with the TV on, not making my health a priority, not creating enough time and space for positive work/life balance – just a few things that simply put added zero value to the enrichment of my life. Working through aspects of what felt was missing from my life over the past year, it became abundantly clear there were areas that I could focus on in 2019 in order to start to work towards a life I had been dreaming of. One of which including reading – something I love to do but always seems like the first to go when life gets busy and the to do lists get long.

Well instead of letting perfectionism and busyness get the best of me this year, I am hoping to cultivate some life changing habits –  one of which includes a monthly reading goal with some of the books below. These are the books I plan to read in the first half of the year:

  1. Life Giving Home | This one will kick off the new year but because of how the book is written will be spread out throughout the year after reading the chapter designated for January.
  2. High Performance Habits | January
  3. Profit First | February
  4. Boundaries | March
  5. Building Your Story Brand | April
  6. Expert Secrets | May
  7. Girl Wash Your Face | June

I plan to write a recap of each of these on a monthly basis here on the journal and share snippets of some of the practical applications of insights gathered from each book. My goal with this reading list is to cultivate a healthier habit of winding down at the end of the day – while also appreciating the impact these books could have on both my personal and professional goals for the year ahead. I also am well aware that the arrival of our son may impact my ability to stick to the schedule above, which is why I have only selected books for the first half of the year – thereby giving myself grace to take more time if needed.

So there you have it sweet friends – goals, my word of the year, a vision board in the making, and an exciting 2019 reading list. Seems like the perfect way to kick start the new year if you ask me. I’d love to hear what dreams you have for the new year or a good book you plan to read in 2019 – share in the comments below. Happy New Year friends – heres to big, bold, and beautiful year ahead!

(some of the links above are affiliate links. please know I only share resources that I personally have purchased/will be purchasing) 

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